That is How Smart Home Tech Can Change Your Life


Have you ever dreamed of having a smart home? Before making your home smart check how this technology can change your everyday life?

Many companies provide smart home solutions such as Dana Smart Homes. They provide simple solutions to make your home smart. Using these devices, you will know what is happening in your home. All you need is an internet connection. Let’s see how It can make differences in your life.


Control and Manage Your Home

You can easily manage your home with these smart devices and appliances. All you need is to install an app on your phone and you can connect wirelessly with all the smart devices. In this way, you will feel connected to your home wherever you are. All of the smart devices are control via a modem in your home. Smart plugs, bulbs and all of the devices can be controlled via Wi-Fi.

Smart Bulbs

You can replace the simple bulbs with these smart bulbs in your home. After that, you can turn them on or off via your mobile phone. For example, you leave the home and forget to turn off the lights of your bedroom. You can easily turn them off using your phone.

Smart Plugs

Smart plugs are very handy and allows you to turn off an appliance using your mobile phone. It often happens when someone forgets to turn off an appliance. Moreover, connecting an electric appliance to a smart plug is easy.

Open the app on your phone. It will tell you whether a device is paired or not. You can also check the status and turn it on and off. It is very handy when you left an iron-on. It can also provide information about energy usage which is a really useful thing. In this way, you can get an idea about the energy consumption of a device.

Get Connected

You just need some time to learn how to get all the smart devices in your home connected and working together. If you leave the main door open then the app will notify you. Moreover, it can send an alert to your neighbor. Moreover, you can add a motion sensor to detect any movement at night. Whenever it detects motion, it will turn on the bulb.

You Can Customize Rules

Another great thing about the smart home, you can customize the rules according to your needs. For example, you can turn on a light in your home for a certain time when you are not at home. It will give the impression that someone is at home. There are many rules that you can change as you want them.

Smart Camera

You can connect a smartphone with your smart system to use a camera. You can download the app and set the phone in anywhere. The camera on your smartphone will record whenever the motion sensor detects something.  There are many lots of functionalities that these smart home solutions can offer.