The 15 Most Important Interior Decorating Secrets That No One Ever Told You About


Whether you are planning to remodel your living room, bedroom, bathroom or kitchen, you should find the balance that will not only impact your home, but your lifestyle too. A well decorated room will help you rest and relax, while the clutter and the items that cause negative energy can affect your health. So that, I made this post that is called “The 15 Most Important Interior Decorating Secrets That No One Ever Told Your About” and I think that you will like it. You will be surprised when you see how easily you can transform your home in a happier and warmer space. So, let’s check them out one by one and draw some inspiration to decorate your home in the right way.



Be Creative With Lighting and Color

If the ceiling already has dark wooden beams or is painted with a darker color, it is probably casting a pall over entire room. So I recommend you to paint the ceiling white, as this color will reflect light instead of making the space smaller and darker. A cream, mint or pale yellow can be used instead of plain white color.

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Go with Dark and Cozy Colors as an Alternative

If there aren’t any interior decorating facts that show that the room is dark, then you can paint the ceiling or some other wall with a deep color and use heavy and rich decorations to create the feel of an old-fashioned luxury room. State blue and charcoal are very popular color choices for rooms that are supposed to have majestic feel.

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Keep Clutter Out of Your Garage or Basement Apartment

Remove the unnecessary items from your living space and put them in the garage or basement apartment if you still consider that you will need them. Throw away the things that you don’t need, because they can only take up space.

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Allow for Empty Space

There is no need to have furniture all over your home and in every empty spot. Many homeowners opt for furniture that has multiple uses and are space-saving.

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Use Your Windows and Blinds to Warm Your Room with Sunlight

When the weather is freezing, you can use the sun to keep your room warmer. For the best results, you will need to know which windows in your room the sun shines through. In the morning, before you leave your home for school or work, you need to close the windows and open the blinds. In the afternoon, leave your blinds open until the sun stops shining into your space and when it starts to get dark and cold, close the blinds. During the night, keep the windows and blinds closed throughout the night.

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Cover Bare Floors

Marble, tile, wood and other smooth and hard surfaces tend to retain much less heat than carpet. If you don’t want your feet to freeze all day long, then you should definitely consider laying down a rug. This will also keep your space warmer once you have heated.

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Maximize Light in Your Kitchen to Enjoy Your Late Night Cooking

Weather your kitchen is small, large, with or without many kitchen appliances, you will want to be able to see everything well while cooking late at night.

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Decorate Tall Rooms Easily

The tall walls may be a huge challenge when it comes to decoration, but it is actually easier than we all think. Painting the ceiling with a richer shade than the walls, can give a sense of reducing the overall scale of the room. There are plenty of colors that can warm up and balance this kind of rooms. Plus you need to arrange the furniture well, add some decorations, art and accessories in the middle and give live to the top third of the space. Hanging lamps can draw attention upwards while adding interest to any space. A floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, gallery of artwork or a dramatic mirror can make the most of the tall walls in a room. If you have windows in the room and want to soften the feel, use some interesting curtains.

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Find a Bed with a Solid Headboard

The headboard designs that are solid and made from wood are known for the great way they support the energy for you and your bedroom. When you go to sleep, your body is going into an extra busy energy repair work on many levels. Just like your back needs good backing when you are sitting in a chair for longer period of time, subconsciously, your head also needs support, protection and backing.

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Use Pastel Colors to Add Tranquility and Calm in Your Bedroom

At the end of the day, the most important is to sleep well and feel safe in your own bedroom. Light purple, light green, light pink and blue, and many other soft and quiet pastel colors can add you to the serenity and peace of mind.

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Behind the Bed Should Be a Good Load Bearing Wall

If you are sleeping under the window, over time, your personal energy wanes, as it doesn’t have the adequate protection and support. That’s why it is very important to have a solid wall behind the bed.

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Place Your Bed at the Right Height

This is one of the most interesting interior decorating secrets for me, because I thought that I can just put things under the bed or use space-saving bed in my room that offer much space and organize everything well. But, according to Feng Shui the bed needs to be placed at a reasonable height from the ground so the energy can flow under the bed.

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Place the Fundamental Energy and Balanced on Both Sides of the Bed

Create a balance while you sleep, by placing two nightstands and two laps on either side of the bed. This is a very important interior decorating secret for those who are in a relationship or share the room with a partner and want to maintain equality.

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Keep Flowers and Plants Away from the Room

If you have no other place where to put the flowers and plants, try to place them out of your view while you are in bed.

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Put an Item that Represents Your Goal in the Area Where Your Goal Resides

  • Lower left: Knowledge (books)
  • Lower-middle: Career (certificates, trophies) 
  • Lower-right: Travel and helpful people (travel souvenirs and reminders of people of influence and heroes) 
  • Middle-left: Family and health (pictures of your family or souvenirs from family vacations) 
  • Center: Self (everything that is important to you and that has to do with your style)
  • Middle-right: Child (poetry, art, musical instrument) 
  • Upper-left: Wealth (tokens of luck and piggy bank, receipts)
  • Upper-center: Reputation/Fame (medals, trophies)
  • Upper-right: Relationships/Marriage (tokens of love)
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So, what do you think about these 15 most important interior decorating secrets my dear readers? If you find them interesting, share them with your friends. Enjoy in the rest of your day and don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer!