The 5 Best Improvements for Any Living Room


Updating your living room can not only improve your own happiness, it will make your home seem more inviting.  And the best part, it can also raise the value of your home.

Here are five of the best ways to enhance your living room, and don’t forget to consult the professional living room designers!

  • Update the Paint and Color

A simple improvement for your living room is to update the paint on the walls. Even just a fresh coat of paint can do wonders for the way the living room looks.

If you want to take a big risk, choose a completely different color. Or if you prefer less risk, go with plain white, which gives your living room a feel of elegance or minimalism.

One tip we like to offer people is to use neutral colors if you want to let your furniture do the talking for you.

Or, choose a bright pop of color for an accent wall.

To make your room seem even more prominent, paint the trim the same color as the wall.

  1. Have a lot of light

Make sure you glam up your lighting. We have three great tips for lighting.

  • Update the yellow fluorescent lights with LED white light bulbs.
  • Accentuate the natural light from your windows by keeping them open.
  • Use mirrors to bounce the light off.

This way, your room seems brighter, softer, and even bigger. Layer lights—use different shapes and brightness for your fixtures.

  1. Update the floors

Whether you have carpet, wood, tile, or another type of flooring, make sure to get it professionally cleaned. If there are rips, tears, stains, cracks, or it’s just old, replace your floor.

Getting rid of the carpet and replacing it with wood really updates your house and makes it seem more sophisticated. Make sure to keep your floors clean from then on with regular maintenance.

  1. Switch out your furniture

Update your furniture—get it professionally clean. You don’t have to replace every single piece of furniture in the room.  We have a few pieces of advice to help you in the furniture department.

  • Choose an accent piece, a piece that can become the center, or anchor, of the room,  a talking piece.
  • Buy a rug to pull furniture together.
  • Use smaller pieces of furniture such as desks, end tables, coffee tables to upgrade your living room.
  • Find knick-knacks and other accessories and decorations to add to the upgraded and sophisticated style of your room.

But, remember, less is more with decorating your living room. Don’t go overboard or it will just look cramped and messy. If you aren’t sure which furniture to buy or how to decorate your living room, make sure you go with professional living room designers.

  1. Reorganize the room

An easy way to improve your living room without buying new furniture or accessories is just to reorganize it. Use the rugs and sitting areas to create borders in the room. Use your artwork and furniture paired together to draw the eyesight. Mess around with colors and shapes.

You can make it work no matter what shape or size your living room is, mainly if you use professional living room designers.


You don’t have to do a complete makeover and spend thousands of dollars to improve the look and feel of your living room. Just focusing on one area of your living room can improve the value and the pleasure you get out of it.