The 5 Best Travel Apps to Help Get You Around the Globe


Proper, thorough planning and reliable, easily accessible information makes for stress-free travelling. Gone are the days of trawling through travel books, brochures and going to high street travel agents to plan your trip.

Your phone now has the capacity to be your ultimate travel guide. Use it to book flights, accommodation and activities, check out the local area, find the quickest driving routes and check the local weather.

Here’s a selection of the best travel apps that will make your trip abroad simple and fun.


1) The Teletext Mobile App  

The Teletext mobile app is one of the best UK travel apps, and is the perfect companion for any holiday. Not only is it brimming with new deals for a dream holiday but it also helps you explore new locations and attractions with an easy-to-use, informative guide.

The app makes it easy to manage your travel itinerary on your phone, scan flights and accommodation and get live prices from Teletext’s customer support team. You can also check reviews from other travellers, making sure your holiday is as good as it can be.

Travelling with Teletext is easy as it gets. The Teletext travel app is a one-stop-shop that no traveller should be without.

2) Waze  

Getting stuck in traffic is nobody’s idea of a good holiday. Traditional driving direction apps like Google Maps can show you how to get from A to B, but are notoriously bad at under-estimating journey times and unwittingly leading the users into stand-still traffic.

Waze relies on up-to-date traffic information to make sure you’re always driving down the quickest routes. Waze also informs you of police presence and speed cameras, helping you to avoid any nasty fines.


3) GasBuddy 

If you’re embarking on a road trip, you’ll inevitably want to save as much as possible on fuel. A fueling station map will definitely help you. An app like GasBuddy allows you to find the cheapest petrol prices in your local area by tracking your GPS. Much like Waze, this app heavily relies on user-provided information. Users who update the app regularly with gas price information can expect to be entered into raffles for the chance to win free fuel.

4) AccuWeather 

One of the primary reasons people go on holiday is to relax in the sun and enjoy good weather. Going somewhere hot increases your chances of sunshine and blue skies, but it is still never a guarantee. Bad weather can ruin your primary purpose of going on holiday, whether that’s hiking, skiing, sunbathing or visiting a theme park.

AccuWeather stands apart from other weather apps due to its 15-day forecast summaries. This makes planning and booking your activities easier to do further in advance. It also gives you minute-by-minute precipitation forecasts. This could prove extremely helpful on an active and adventurous holiday.

5) Google Translate 

Gone are the days of fumbling through foreign dictionaries if you need directions. Google Translate has evolved from a primitive text translation tool into the ultimate travel necessity.

Now all you need to do is set your input and output language, and you can dictate your message with the response spoken back to you in the local language. Not only does Google Translate identify speech, it also translates text. With this app, you’ll never be unsure about what you ordered in a restaurant again.