The 6 best English speaking travel destinations


Going on holiday is meant to be relaxing but, more often than not, we come back from a holiday in need of a break. Even small problems like a minor spell of sickness, difficulties with your credit card, missed or canceled reservations can become huge issues if you don’t speak the local language. Luckily, there are numerous English-speaking travel destinations, ranging from familiar locations to tropical islands and far-off exotic places:

Tropical Getaways

While we may tend to associate the English language with rain and cold weather, some English-speaking travel destination offer tropical sunshine and gorgeous beaches:


If you’re looking for a tropical holiday without breaking out your rusty Spanish or having to learn basic phrases in a whole new language, Barbados might just be the place. This Caribbean island with its white sand beaches has long been synonymous with the perfect island holiday, but there is more to this heavenly island than just beachside lounging. Its capital city is listed as UNESCO World Heritage and its bustling nightlife makes for the perfect ending to a day on the beach.


With several different islands to visit, Fiji offers many varieties of tropical paradise. The Mamanuca group is one of the most popular destinations in Fiji, offering a whole range of water sports, with stunning diving, snorkeling and surfing options. Or hike the Vidawa Rainforest Trail in the Bouma National Heritage Park on Taveuni, and take a plunge in one of the natural swimming pools you’ll find under its many waterfalls.

Stunning Nature and Local Culture

More easily accessible than the other destinations listed, these countries offer more than enough to discover in terms of exceptional natural surroundings and cultural offerings:


Whether you’re looking for a charming city-trip or some time communing with nature, Ireland has it all. Spend a few days drinking delicious whiskeys with friendly locals and listening to buskers playing folk music in the winding alleys of Galway, before taking a boat out to the Aran Islands to soak up the fresh see breeze. Alternatively, head to Blackstairs and Barrow Valley in County Carlow to go hiking in a paradise-like landscape dotted with gurgling streams and wild flowers.


The USA offers dozens of different trips options, depending on your mood. Travel up the university towns on the east coast, eat lobster in Maine and stay in one of Vermont’s charming B&Bs. Or head south to experience a more jazzy side of the USA and gorge yourself on southern food in New Orleans or Charleston. For nature lovers, the Appalachian Trail is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the natural diversity of the USA across 14 states. Under the Visa Waiver Program, the USA is more accessible than ever – UK citizens can skip the visa application process and apply directly for an ESTA here.

Exotic travel

Just because the language spoken is English does not mean it need remind you of home! These exotic travel destinations combine the thrill of the unknown with the comfort of being able to communicate in your own language.


Watch the sun rise over the Ganges from a fisherman’s boat in the holy city of Varanasi, sample delicious southern Indian cuisine in Kerala and hop on board the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway to experience the beauty of northern India. India is a fantastic destination for those on a tight budget, with accommodation, food and transport available at very low prices, while those with a bit of money to spend will find a little goes a long way.

South Africa

Take a safari through South Africa’s famous Kruger National Park to see Africa’s iconic wildlife up close, before heading to Cape Town for a view of Table Mountain or making your way to Jeffrey’s Bay to surf its famous waves. Spend your evenings exploring South Africa’s burgeoning live music scene and delicious local foods.

Whether it’s an adventure-packed holiday or relaxing beachside vacation you’re after, with these fantastic English-speaking holiday destinations at your fingertips, there’s no end to your options. Ditch the phrasebook and start packing!