The beliefs about the life after death

The modern history shows polemics between the religion and the science. They have contradictory opinions about the afterlife or life after death and the astrology. This is partly understandable. The science relies more on tangible proofs. On the other hand the astrology depends on beliefs that are more abstract. Even the physics finds it difficult to explain it.


In science, in order to explain and claim something it is necessary to measure the result of the experiment. Moreover this experiments when repeated should give exactly the same results. Therefore proving the reincarnation in the astrology is not an easy one.


On the other hand, one of the most important aspects in every religion is the life after death. The idea of it varies from religion to religion. What is common for all of them is that they all give some kind of explanation about the life after death.

One of the beliefs about the life after death is the reincarnation. It is something quite different than Heaven and Hell. When the reincarnation is in question, the soul neither goes to Heaven nor to Hell. It goes into another body instead and comes back on Earth. Even the reincarnation itself varies from the religion and the philosophy studying it. However the main concept and the final result remain the same.


Whenever you hear someone talking about “the past life” he speaks actually about reincarnation. Unlike the traditional belief, the astrology is much more than the zodiacs. It is actually deeply connected to the reincarnation. In the astrology you can easily use a software in order to design your natal chart. If you want to explore who you really are and have you ever reincarnated there is the answer. Your natal chart hides the answers just like some information about your zodiac sign, past life and what’s your purpose on Earth.

Real example:

Even the people who believe in astrology and reincarnation barely remember their past lives. But when you do, this is a phenomenon that proves that the reincarnation is a real thing. The psychiatrist Jim Taker from Virginia University have been studying the reincarnation since late 1990. Moreover, Virginia University does researches on the same subject fifty years now. The psychiatrist’s focus is on the claiming of young kids they remember their past life. His favorite example and experiment is the two years old boy James Leninger. He comes from Louisiana and he claims he remembers the World War II. His memories were so vivid that called the attention not only of the doctor but of the media as well.


When speaking about this case, Jim always mentions that the guy comes from a christian, quite religious family. This means the family had no beliefs in reincarnation nor astrology. The guy doesn’t only remember the pilot from the war 50 years ago. What’s more surprising is that he gives details about events, names and references that barely anyone knows.


To sum up, the consciousness does not manifest as a memory from the past life. It could be a present experience instead and develop us as a person. This explains why do we feel a certain way about some things.

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