The Benefits of a Garden Office Pod Vs. Renting an Office Space


The office price rentals are constantly on the rise and show no signs of stopping.

It’s for this reason that a majority of the brick and mortar businesses have turned into remote operations.

Now, when it comes to working at home, many of the people have taken this initiative to a whole new level, and rather than using the unused rooms for their office needs, they’re now using garden pods.

Garden pods are not only an alternative to the office space, but they provide a professional office experience, cost-effectively.


In the read below, we’re going to highlight some of the benefits of having a garden office pod over an office space.

Save Rental Money

This is perhaps the biggest benefit of having a garden pod.

See, nowadays, the rental costs are probably the biggest expense of running a firm, and this cost can easily set you back a lot of money, and this can be particularly challenging for small business startups.

Garden urbanpods, however, will let you save on the rental costs, and instead, you can channel this amount to other business ventures such as adding your equipment inventory.

Avoid Frustrating Commutes

City dwellers know how frustrating it is to wake up daily to catch the morning train or bus. And if you happen to drive to work, you how traffic can at times be similarly hectic.

While it’s possible to choose an office somewhere nearby, but I’m sure the rental rates are exorbitant.

A garden pod will allow you to take a rest and forget about all the frantic morning stress.

Instead, you get to enjoy the leisure of waking up without worrying about the commutes, and even better, you take minutes to stroll across the yard to your office.

Comfy Working Environment

One of the downsides of leasing an office space is that you need to adapt to the environment, including accommodating the needs of your neighbors.

That said, you need to accommodate the noisy neighbors, and at times, you also have to acclimate to a room with a poor lighting system or even one with a limited number of sockets.

However, with a garden pod, it’s easy to tailor your personal and business needs.

The benefit of a comfortable space goes beyond making you feel at ease, but it increases your productivity dramatically and allows you to run your business seamlessly.

A comfortable space is equally ideal, especially when you’ve guests as they’ll feel at ease, and they’re more than likely to do business with you.

Generally, comfortable and neat space will present the opportunity for creating the perfect first impression and foster a good relationship with potential clients.

Increase the Value of your Property

This might seem rather odd, but real estate experts indicate that the presence of a virtually appealing garden pod can easily add up to the value of your property when you’re looking to sell it.

Better Work/life Balance

Another major benefit of having a garden pod is that you’ll have the life/work balance you need for a healthy lifestyle.

Here, you’re not under jurisdiction from anyone, and there’s the flexibility you need for creating time for your work as well as that of the family.

As a bonus, working on a garden pod will allow you to catch up on your chores when you’re free, or your workload has subsidized.

Also, unlike in some office space with a strict policy of the hours of operation, a garden pod will let you have a flexible schedule, and you can work both during the day and at night depending on your workload and the available free time.