The Benefits of Using a Professional Rug Cleaner


An area rug not only adds comfort to a home, but it can enhance the appearance your interior spaces. If you have a hard surface floor, area rugs can add cushion to your footsteps and provide a warm place to rest your feet during winter. In return for the benefits of having a rug, you should keep up a regular maintenance program that includes regular vacuuming and quick removal of stains and odors. You also need to remove dust from the rug, not only to protect it from wear and tear, but also because it helps keep your air clean by trapping dust and pollen in its fibers. If you have a Persian or Oriental rug, you need to make sure you choose the best method to clean your rug so that it is not damaged during the process.

For many rug owners, it is easy to buy a cleaning solution from a store, but this can lead to disaster. If you have a stain, you might think that buying a stain remover is a simple choice. But using an oxidizer, even one that is safe for clothes, can cause fading because it bleaches out the dyes. This is why you should call a professional cleaner every year or two to maintain your rugs.

Fantastic Carpet Cleaning NYC is a local rug cleaner in New York City, and we can make sure your rug gets cleaned properly so that you get the best results. Our staff has years of experience with all types of rugs, from shag rugs to expensive Persian rugs.  Persian and Oriental rugs use handmade dyes, and great care is necessary to protect the dyes from bleeding. If you have wood floors, or if you want the rug taken away for cleaning, Fantastic Carpet Cleaning NYC offers free pick-up and delivery service.

If the rug is picked up, it will be soaked in a cleaning pool at our facilities. By soaking the rug, the cleaning detergent penetrates the rug pile and pulls out the dust and loosens stains and odors for easy removal. We choose gentle but effective detergents that will clean the fibers, but with a low pH so the dyes are not damaged during cleaning.

Proper drying is just as important as the cleaning. Once the rug is cleaned and rinsed, we spin dry the rug to remove up to 90% of the water. This not only speeds the drying process, but greatly diminishes the changes of mold and mildew growing in the rug while it is still wet. After spin drying, we lay the rug flat next to a fan  to speed up the drying time. Other companies will hang the rug while it is still wet. This is a bad method, because the weight of the rug can cause it to stretch and weaken the foundation of the rug.

When you need a rug cleaning company, look around for the company that offers you the best experience and technology for your rug. If you live in New York City, call Fantastic Carpet Cleaning NYC for the best service and prices.