The Benefits of Using Metal Roofing, Cladding and More


Galvanized steel is a high-quality product that can be used for many different purposes. It’s perfect for roofs, walls, gutters and downpipes because it has outstanding durability and strength. This means that your fixtures will not leak or buckle under certain weather conditions. You can also use treated steel for fencing and many other applications too!


There are many advantages of using metal for roofing. Firstly, when it’s treated right, it can be color-fast so it won’t fade. This means that your roof will always look like new no matter how long it’s been installed.

It also has a high resistance to corrosion because the coating is resistant to damage from the sun and other weathering factors.  It also has outstanding durability, which is what gives it its longevity. This material isn’t like other materials that can wear down or become brittle with age. It’s made to stand up against harsh weather conditions for many years without cracking or breaking away.

A steel roof can be superior to tiled roofs in many ways. It’s not as heavy and easier to install, which means that the labor time will be less than traditional roofing materials require.

Additionally, it has a low maintenance cost because it doesn’t need any painting or sealing due to the advanced coating technology. 

A metal roof will not only keep you safe but also provide a beautiful look to your property. With so many color choices and designs, it’s easy to find one that fits with any style of building.

Walling and Cladding

Steel Walling is becoming a popular choice in the construction industry because of its versatility and aesthetic appeal. It can be used for many different purposes without compromising quality or strength. It’s great for external architectural cladding and is widely used for commercial and residential projects. It provides a modern, seamless color finish and can be created in many designs and patterns.

While metal products are growing in popularity here in the US, Australia has led the way with metal building products through the company, COLORBOND® steel. The most popular profiles including standing seam, interlocking, nailstrip and snaplock cladding that can be manufactured according to your preferences.

Best of all, metal walling is eco-friendly and sustainable. It has been designed for use in the construction industry to reduce carbon emissions and produce less waste products that are harmful to the environment.

Guttering and Downpipes

Treated metal gutter and downpipes are very popular and are often used for buildings in many regions around the world. Plumbers love these products because they are easy to install and very reliable. Installers love galvanized steel as it has a high resistance to rusting, the color coatings are often guaranteed not to fade in sunlight, and are 100% recyclable so they are great for the environment.

Treated steel guttering and downpipes is a breeze as they are resistant to corrosion which means that rust doesn’t collect on them like it does with some other metal products. This makes cleaning out debris from the gutters and downpipes very easy.


Forget the old, timber fencing on your property. Modern metal fencing is a much better option in this day and age, with many benefits to be enjoyed. There is no need for paint thanks to the steel’s finish that never fades. It also lasts far longer than timber fencing that typically needs replacing every four years.

Steel fencing can also great value for money. It comes at a relatively low cost compared to other materials such as brick.

If you live in a fire-prone area, metal is much safer than timber fencing. Timber fences make your property more vulnerable if a fire were to break out in your region. 


Metal products can look amazing when its used for roofing, walling, guttering, downpipes and fencing so there’s a consistent look and feel throughout your property.

These products are suitable for outdoor use as they provide protection against the elements such as rainwater to help prolong the life of your property. It is an extremely durable product withstanding harsh conditions such as heat, wind and rain. 

Metal products have a large range of other creative uses too, including internal partitions, door frames, window-frames making it the perfect material for modern architecture.