The Best 12 Rooftop Bars In The World


Hey party animals and world travelers! I have the best 12 rooftop bars in the world. Who would not like to party at a rooftop bar until the sun come up? Check them out right non and pick your next destination.

The London, Hollywood

This bar is part of The London Hotel in Los Angeles and it is a day-to-night destination for glamorous hang-out. It has a magnificent view on the Pacific Ocean, the shimmering lights of the city and the hills.

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Rock Bar, Bali


Amazing place for relaxation, located 14 meters above the Indian Ocean, on natural rocks. It is part of Ayana Resort and Spa.

The Rock Bar
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Ozone, Hong Kong

Ozone is located on Ritz-Carlton, on the 118 floor. Masamichi Karayama is the designer of this beautiful rooftop bar.

Radio, London

This beautiful bar is part of Me London hotel and it has incredible views on the city, Thames, the towers of Canary Wharf and City etc.

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Sky Bar at Sirocco, Bangkok

Sirocco is a rooftop bar, part of the Lebua hotel, situated on a Bangkok skyscraper on the 63th floor. It is one of the highest open-air bar in the world.

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Flair, Shanghai

Flair is situated on Shanghai’s IFC tower on the 58th floor and it is a bar of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. When the weather is warm, the terrace is full with locals and tourists that come here to enjoy the beautiful view.

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1-Altitude, Singapore

1-Altitude is located in Singapore on 925ft (282m) above sea level, which actually is the highest point there. This fantastic rooftop bar has a sunken bar and 2 capsules where the guests can make their own drinks or order something simple and enjoy the beautiful view.

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La Purificadora, Puebla

La Purificadora is located in the Mexican city of Puebla. It is a very beautiful place that distinguishes itself with its glass walled swimming pool, designed by the most popular architects in Mexico, Ricardo Legorreta.

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Aqua spirit, Hong Kong

This amazing rooftop bar offers you a beautiful view of the city and it is a perfect spot for cocktails. It hosts parties with popular local DJs.

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Ku Dé Ta, Singapore

Beautiful rooftop bar, located in Singapur on the top of the Marina Bay Sands complex. Ku Dé Ta has an open-air bar, restaurant and poolside terrace. The rooftop bar is very beautiful place were regular parties are hosted.

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New York Bar, Tokyo

Tokyo Park Hyatt’s New York Bar it is very popular place that everyone knows for its amazing views over the metropolis and the live jazz performances at nights.

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Aer, Mumbai

Four Seasons Hotel has an amazing rooftop bar on the 34th floor. This bar is on open-air and it has an amazing view on the city. If you visit it from 5.30pm to 8pm, you will get a half-price champagnes or cocktails.

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I find Aer, Mubai very sophisticated and glamorous rooftop bar, despite the Rock bar in Bali, which is very relaxing and peaceful place with a marvelous view. Which rooftop bar would you like to go to first? Thank you for reading! I hope that you have liked these amazing places. Enjoy in the rest of your day and stay up to date with the contents of Top Dreamer!