The Best Air filter for mold reviews


When the humidity levels are high, there’s more moisture in the air. This rather unfortunately   provides mold with 90% of what it needs to grow and thrive.

It’s fairly common knowledge that mold is very dangerous. If it comes in contact with any open orrafice of your body, it can reak havoc on your central nervous system and hence during the humid times especially, it is essential to use an air purifier. Not only can they handle mold spores, but any form of air bourne poisonous chemical along with other toxic chemicals can be purified easily. If not done so it may lead to a lot of different types of health issues, some of them chronic.


When shopping for an air purifier that can work against those tiny mold spores, you should make sure you read up on all the different types out there. There are many different types of filter available that specialize in tackling different forms of toxins. It’s best to start out looking for independent reviews on different machines that advertise themselves as the best air purifier for mold.

In a nutshell, the best mold air purifier must have some of the following features

  • High filter efficiency: a good filter should be able to filtrate most of the toxic chemicals or else there isn’t any use in buying it
  • Good filter rate: A good filter is also categorized by whether it can purify the given room in as fast time as possible and how clean said room is afterwards
  • The area it can cover: the range is also an essential factor for any filter. Everyone would prefer a filter which covers an extensive range of purification, but this factor is purely subjective to your requirements.
  • Automatic mode: the automatic mode is when the filter changes the settings automatically according to the environment and the pollutants in it.

Some of the best air purifiers for mold that have these features are the following:

  • Honeywell 17000-S Quiet Care

One of the best mold air purifiers in the market can eliminate any kind of allergens, odors, and pathogens. It has a high efficiency of a filter which cleanses about 99.97% viruses and bacteria. With its smart feature, it can easily remove the mold spores as well. This product is made of durable components and hence comes with a 5-year warranty.


  • Can remove even the smallest particles
  • Compact and can be mobile from one place to another
  • Ultra-quiet operation


  • Available mainly for small areas  
  • Germ Guardian AC5350B 4-in-1

It includes a genuine HEPA filter, and hence the filtration property is impressive. The AC5350B is a well priced cleaner that allows the removal of mold spores at a high rate. Along with the mold spores it is also excellent in removing unwanted odors, dust, pollens and even allergens which are as tiny as 4 microns in diameter. The filter powers the UV-C light technology which helps in the elimination of harmful viruses and bacteria. It has a 5-year limited warranty.


  • Combats mold spores and odors
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • 5-speed setting
  • Long warranty


  • It has a small range to conquer   
  • Envion Ionic Pro

Along with high filter techniques, it is essential to buy a filter which is energy efficient. This filter tops the list in that case while consuming the power to purify the entire room less than that required to power a light bulb. It is presented in a sleep tower design which suits any type of room décor. The coverage of the purifier is limited to 500 sq feet though. Is comes with exciting oxygen technology which helps in the conversion of smog and ozone to pure oxygen, increasing the rate of purification a lot of folds. It also features a germice chamber in which germs and bacteria are eliminated once contact is made. The ionic pro is very easy to keep clean, which means you don’t have to pay out regularly for expensive replacements. Another huge bonus with this air purifier is just how super quiet it is , even on the fastest fan speed.


  • The filter can be cleaned and thus no requirement for filter changes
  • Boasts a sleek design which suits almost any décor
  • Consumes a minimal of energy


  • It is expensive