The Best (And Worst) Places to Brunch in America 


Brunch is always a good idea. Pancakes or waffles, mimosas or bloody marys, as long as you’re dining with your squad, all is right in the world.

The one pitfall to this Millennial staple is the price. Brunch certainly satisfies your stomach, but your wallet may not be so quick to agree. However, like all things in life, there are some loopholes to avoid the steep price of that beautiful avocado toast


You simply have to be strategic about where you brunch, and the rest will fall into place. You don’t have to pay the big bucks in order to have a delicious morning meal. Sometimes the best restaurants are the cheap ones that no one talks about. 

On top of finding the right restaurants, you need to find the right city. Some cities are notoriously more expensive than others when it comes to eating out, and brunch is no exception to this trend. Here’s what you need to know about the most and least expensive cities for brunch in the nation, thanks to a new study from Sky Blue Credit: 

Avoid Seattle, Washington 

Honestly, what does Seattle have to offer outside of constantly dreary weather? The average price of an entree with a mimosa included in this west coast city is $25.56, the highest average price in the country. Even without the mimosa, you can expect to pay around $15 for whatever delicious menu item you opt to go with. 

Portland, Oregon is a Go 

If you’re in the west coast area, it might be worth it to take the trek to Portland for the brunch of your dreams. The average entree in Portland comes in at around $7.20 – about half of that in Seattle. At this rate, you can add in a mimosa for the coast of the entree alone in Seattle. Not that this city has much better weather to offer, but your wallet will thank you later. 

Austin, Texas is for the Mimosa Lovers 

If you don’t order a mimosa with your brunch, you’re doing it wrong. With that in mind, you should definitely head to Austin for the cheapest mimosas in the country. You can get a tasty drink for under $5. They say that everything’s bigger in Texas, so you’re sure to get the most bang for your buck in this southern state. 

No matter where you brunch, explore your options before hitting that high class trendy brunch-by-day, bar-by-night place in your area. Quality is not always reflected in cost so do your research before you commit to the routine brunch spot. 

After all, if brunch is a special occasion for you, and you only enjoy it a couple times each year — go big! Definitely don’t feel bad about paying a little extra for your all-time favorite brunch dish. Obviously if brunch is a weekly occurrence for you, maybe reign in your spending or try to limit how many times you go out. Still, no one is going to judge you for ordering those brioche donuts (they might be jealous though).