The Best Compact Furniture Designs For Tiny Apartments


Living in a small apartment may seem to you not that good as in a spacious one. But, there are many options of how to make it as comfortable as possible as long as you organize your space in a smart way. So, choosing compact furniture is the must-have for tiny apartments and today we want to show you some such furniture designs.

Whether you need a folding table that can be used both as coffee or dining table, or maybe a sofa that turns into a bed for the night time, there are many designs to choose from. They have super smart designs that can fit in the tiniest spaces and can make you feel comfortable living in a small apartment. So, let’s check them out and let us know which one of them did you like the best.

Transforming cabinet with hidden table and chairs

This cabinet is perfect for small kitchens. Unfold it when you need a dining area. And put it back when you want to move around the kitchen.

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Living room, dining room and bedroom in one design

When there is no space for separate rooms in your apartment, you should look for one such compact furniture design. This living room can turn in a moment into a dining room and for the night time you can put back and unfold the sofa to use it as a bed.

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Comfortable bed with a hidden closet underneath

This bed has a hidden storage underneath the bed, where you can store your clothes. And the best thing of all is that no one will even no that there is a closet in there.

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Mirror folding table

This hanging mirror can easily turn into a table and you can either hang it in the kitchen, your bedroom or maybe even in your living room.

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Pull out kitchen island

This kitchen cabinet features a pulling out kitchen countertop that can serve as prep area or a place for eating.

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Flexible space by IKEA

This sliding wall from IKEA will provide privacy to any space. So, at first glance, it looks like a simple wall, but when you slide it to the side it turns into a bedroom and at the same separates it from the living area.

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A bed and a desk in one

If you don’t have space in your bedroom for a desk, then you should definitely get this bed that turns into a desk for day time.

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Bed dropping down from ceiling

Beds can be found in all styles possibles, so you shouldn’t be surprised of a bed design that actually drops down from the ceiling. How amazing it is, right?

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Hidden bed behind shelves

Or maybe you can choose one such bed that is hidden behind the shelves and it is perfect choice for small apartment.

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Space-saving dining table

And this last one compact furniture design is of a round dining table with chairs that fit perfectly in, so that they can fit in a small space.

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So, which one from the above ideas did you like the best? Tell us in the comments and make sure to stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to find many other decor ideas for your home.