The best decor ideas to bring your bathroom to the next level


Your bathroom is an important element of your home. It is the place where you have a relaxing shower, brush your teeth, do your hair, et cetera. With all these functions, it is nice to create a space that suits your needs. This is where the decor comes in: next to your furniture, you can add style with minimal additions. You do not have to go in and spend a vast amount to finish the decors of your bathroom. In this article, we will share several ideas that bring your bathroom to the next level.

A wooden touch

Most bathroom elements are based on tiles and plastic. By adding wood to the mix, you can create an entirely different atmosphere. For example, you can add a wooden stool to the corner of your washroom. This can be used to sit down and cut your nails, or you can use it to display some nice products.

Create a very nice scent in your bathroom

Your wooden stool can also be used to display this item: home fragrances of Officina Delle Essenze. The bottles of these fragrances are beautifully crafted and add an element of flair. Another upside? They are not for use on the skin but can be used to spread a nice scent through the bathroom.

Reed diffuser or spray?

You can decide what kind of product you want to use to spread the smell. A reed diffuser can be used, which consists of perfume with wooden sticks. The wooden sticks soak up the perfume and spread the scent through the room. On the other hand, you can go for a spray that allows you to spread a scent through the room when you please. The reed diffuser spreads a continuous yet less intrusive scent, whereas the spray can create a strong scent for a shorter period.

Plants to the rescue

Not a typical thing you see in bathrooms but the concept is trending. By adding plants you create a more natural atmosphere. Especially with the combination of wood, it can emphasize a relaxed and calm environment. Make sure you select plants that can survive in a moist environment when selecting them for your bathroom.

Dried flowers

You can also move forward with dried flowers. These stay beautiful all year-round and require no attention. This can be a good accessory to your bathroom furniture. Other suitable items are cactuses or leaves and flowers that were cut from plants in a small bottle with water.

Play with the towels

Towels are often put away in a closet. However, they can be a beautiful yet functional addition to the bathroom decor. For example, you can add towels in different bright colors to add some flair to the room. If you want to have a more minimalistic scene, you can use different accent colors based on the same base color. There are multiple ways to mix and match towels and nicely store them. 

Take a bath by candlelight

Candles can be a great addition to your bathroom. They come in lots of different colors and sizes, allowing you to create combinations that work well together. You can light them up when you are going to take a long bath and relax. The light that comes from the candles only adds to the relaxation.

Smart lighting

The candlelight is warm and romantic, but the bathroom also needs regular lighting. With smart lighting, you can create different ambiances. For example, if you are going to take a bath, you could set up a specific scene with dimmed lights. You can also add motion sensors, which will enable you to light up the washroom once you enter. This is an intuitive and user-friendly technology that will enhance your bathroom experience.

Details in the products you use

When it comes to taking a bath or shower, there are many different products out there. If you care about your interior, you could also select these products based on that. For example, there are brands like Rituals that have clean colors in their packaging. When combining several products, you create new details in your bathroom. This is a lot better than those standard white-blue bottles of shampoo that you find in the supermarket.

Move towards bars of shampoo

Becoming environmentally conscious is a top priority for many people nowadays. This also means moving away from plastic bottles that are used often, such as shampoo and shower gels. There is an intuitive way to deal with this: shampoo bars. These are bars of soap you can use many times, making it a good economical decision as well. The bars come in great colors that add to your bathroom interior and limit the sight of plastic bottles and the like. 

Make-up mirror

This is an essential item for many people but is often overlooked by others. Besides being very functional, you can also find beautiful and minimalistic designs. They can be mounted on the wall and provide an additional item that is functional yet playful. Besides make-up, it can also be used by men to shave, which makes it even more functional.

A piece of art

Although you could argue that your bathroom is already a piece of art, you could add a “real” piece of art to it as well. Not all art is recommended (e.g., oil paintings), but there are options worth considering. For example, a stone statue could be a great addition to a clean bathroom. There are also special materials that allow you to place a canvas painting.

Music can finish it off

Next to a nice fragrance in your bathroom, towels neatly ordered, plants, and candles, there is an element that has become essential: music. With more water-proof speakers entering the scene, there are many options available that suit your bathroom. Having a good speaker helps to spread quality sound through your room to support you in a sing-along in the shower!