The Best Dog Breeds for Active and Busy Students


There is no question as to how challenging it is to start college life especially when one has to move out from what has been home for a very long time, and start living with other people or alone. Moving out is accompanied by many emotions including excitement, fear, and later on, home sickness. Additionally, being a college student requires most of your time, hence, a college student is always busy and active, and it can be really tiring. But, what if you can bring a best friend with you? No, we are not talking about John or Chloe who you grew up with, we mean getting a dog in college. If you are considering to get one, here are the best dog breeds for active and busy students.

Labrador Retriever


Labrador Retriever is a hybrid between a Labrador and a Golden Retriever, and is definitely one of the best dogs for college students especially those who are staying in an apartment. Having a Labrador Retriever is like having a Golden Retriever, only with shorter fur, which is a little cost-friendlier than having to take care of an actual Retriever. Furthermore, they are naturally active making them a perfect companion for your daily jog around the campus. They can grow up to 23 inches and weigh up to 35 kilograms which makes them a perfect company for safety. Despite their active nature, they are naturally affectionate towards their owners. If taken care properly, they will be with you even long after you graduate.

English Bulldog


Another one of the best dogs for college students are English Bulldogs, especially for the busy students because they just love napping at your feet, and you only need to walk them a little every morning. You do not need to brush their fur often, you can just let them roam around your place and enjoy its company as you study for your exams. However, English Bulldogs are known to drool a lot, so just make sure that you can take care of that, and even if they do not need a lot of brushing, you still have to bathe them at least once a week as dirt can accumulate in their wrinkles.



If you are looking for the best dogs to have in college, but has a taste for cute little toy dogs, then a Papillon can work best for you. Papillons are considered as a toy dog, and they are as friendly and energetic as they are cute. Papillons could even be the best wingman for guys looking for romance, which is also another reason why they are one of the best dogs for college students. Papillons are naturally active, and since their built is small, you can easily bring them (if allowed) to do your grocery, daily jog, or laundromats.

Lhasa Apso


The Lhasa Apso is always confused with a Shih Tzu due to their similar appearance, however, Lhasa Apso has a bigger built than a Shih Tzu and its fur can grow long to the ground, but despite its adorable look, a Lhasa Apso is well aware of its owner which makes them a little aggressive towards strangers, unlike a Shih Tzu which is playful regardless of who the person it plays with. The Lhasa Apso has a protective instinct and does not get anxious when left alone at home, making it one of the best breeds for busy people, and due to their size and calm demeanor, they are also one of the best pets for college students.



Last but not the least are Mastiffs. They are naturally large dogs, but they are calm and gentle, however, they can also be very protective of their owners when needed, and due to their size, they can easily threaten an invader. Furthermore, Mastiffs are great company for active students because they need to be exercised to avoid obesity. They can also be left alone in the apartment to serve as guard dogs if necessary because they are known to be dignified once they reach maturity. For someone who lives alone, a Mastiff is definitely one of the good choices of dogs to have in college due to their kind but protective nature. If you need a more extensive paper on the best dog breeds for active and busy students, get the best custom essay writing service now.

Having a dog while studying far from home, or even just simply having a dog in college can help a student in many ways. Sure, not in your academic problems, but definitely on the emotional support you need when you miss home, or when you just need a companion without the complexity of verbal communication. Furthermore, caring for a dog in college can take your mind off things, and give you the practice of being responsible not only for yourself, but towards another. Lastly, one of the best benefits of getting a dog in college aside from unlimited cuddles, is an added protection. Regardless of its size or which breed you decide to get, dogs have a natural protective instincts, especially when they feel that harm is about to fall upon what they feel is their family. Essentially, the best dog breeds for active and busy students are those which you will love and take care of genuinely.