The Best Early Holiday Shopping Options


It feels like Christmas comes earlier and earlier every year. It’s as if Christmas begins as soon as summer is over. Halloween and Thanksgiving don’t seem to get in the way of the Christmas spirit. It’s also because it is better to shop earlier in the year for gifts. Whether you have a huge family or just a few people to buy for, there are some great early holiday shopping options. Whatever your situation, there are plenty of great things to buy now rather than later. Below are some great holiday shopping options that you can purchase early.


One thing that you can buy any time of year is shoes. Shoes are always available. Even if you are looking for winter footwear, you will be able to get those shoes for cheaper if it isn’t the season yet. However, if you wait until after Thanksgiving, you can get some great deals on Black Friday shoe sales. Shoes are a common gift, but they are also a necessity. This means that you can find a good pair of footwear for any occasion. When you are trying to find the best early holiday shopping options, shoes are a great way to go.

Electronics & TVs

While you could get a deal at Black Friday, the prices on electronics go up around Christmas. You can always buy a nice TV, a stereo, a video game console, or something else and save it until the holidays. When you see a good deal on something you know someone in your life would enjoy, you shouldn’t wait to buy it. It will likely get more expensive. Plus, electronics come and go. There might not be that model available. It could be replaced by another, more expensive option. Whatever electronics you are thinking about buying someone for the holidays, why wait?

Winter Clothing

Another option for early holiday shopping is winter clothing. If it isn’t winter yet, the cost of these clothes could be cheaper. You could also find warm clothing from somewhere where it is always cold. For example, there are plenty of great clothing stores in Canada. You don’t have to go all the way to Great White North to buy them, however. Canadian clothing brands should be able to ship these items to your house. Winter clothing is a great holiday gift because the winter has just begun. You don’t have to buy it right before Christmas or Hanukkah, though. Buy winter clothes early and save on them.

Event Tickets

When there is an event coming up, there is no use waiting to buy the ticket. Sometimes concerts, comedy shows, and other events get announced way ahead of time. If the show is after the holidays, you should still buy the tickets you plan to give as a gift way ahead of time. You might need to make sure that the person doesn’t buy the tickets on their own. If you can manage to keep the whole thing quiet, you will be able to give someone a special gift for the holidays. An event is a great way to show someone you care about that you love them.

Vacation Flights and Reservations

A similar gift to event tickets is vacation flights and reservations. If someone you love needs a vacation, taking the first step and buying a flight or making a reservation will give them the motivation they need to follow through with a break. Of course, you should probably know the person well enough to take this plunge. But if you’ve discussed vacation options, there is no reason to wait until the holidays to make reservations. It will be cheaper to do it now, rather than later.

Whether you are excited about the holidays or want them to be over as quickly as possible, shopping early isn’t such a bad idea. If you have a grasp on who you are buying for and what you want to get, there is an opportunity to get ahead of the madness and finish shopping early. There are plenty of shopping options to take advantage of. When you shop ahead of time, you eliminate a lot of the stress that comes with purchasing gifts for the holiday season. You will be relieved when you finish your shopping before anyone else.