The Best Garden Tools to Store in the Shed Until Summer


Different seasons demand different gardening tools. Of course, gardeners start getting creative in how they decorate and maintain their gardens when summer time arrives. The hobby gets kickstarted once again, but none of these adjustments or improvements can be made without a good set of quality gardening tools.

Still, summer time is a long way off as of now. That said, that doesn’t mean you can’t get prepared well in advance so that as soon as summer time rears its head, you’re ready to spring into action.


Consequently, here’s the best garden tools to store in the shed until the summer!

Trimmers and Pruners

Hedges do get overgrown and unwieldly without the proper care. After all, they’re just like any other plant life; they grow, sometimes too excessively, and every so often need a good trimming and pruning to keep them in good, healthy shape. But why should you keep your hedge trimmers stored until summer?

The answer to this is that you simply won’t find many people trimming or pruning their hedges in winter or early spring. It’s uncomfortable, it’s cold, and it’s too bothersome – at least for cosmetic reasons! In fact, for the most part, people let their gardens wilt away and die somewhat during this time. Obviously, the odd watering of your plants should still be carried out, but when it comes to refining that clean, perfect garden look, just wait until summer!

Trowels and Spades

It’s true that you can dig a hole in the soil at any time you like. So long as you’ve got a spade or a trowel, it’s perfectly possible to get to work. However, it’s highly advisable that you wait until the summer before you start creating holes in the ground. There’re a few different reasons as to why you should hold off for now.

Well, for one, there’s very little point in introducing new plants to the garden at winter or sometimes even early spring. They struggle due to their being minimal sunshine, colder temperatures, and overall just have a rougher time. Additionally, if there’s been overnight frost, you may just find it hard to dig at all if the ground is frozen offer. Store your trowels and spades until summer time; but be ready to get them out as soon as the days get brighter!

Garden Kneeler

Gardening is no easy task for most people; there’s a lot of physical strain that can be put on the body for one. On top of that, the sun can be overbearing in the summer, and frankly many gardeners need a quick rest to recuperate in the middle of their favorite hobby. In the end, it all gets very tiring very quickly.

An uncommon choice perhaps, but an integral one all the same; the garden kneeler could be just the ticket to help you maintain your greenery in the hotter season. Companies like Coopers of Stortford offer a great range of affordable garden kneelers, ensuring everyone is equipped for a comfortable, leisurely hobby. It provides support for getting up and can even double for a seat too, so if you feel like you’ll need a quick stop-gap between planting pots, invest in one of these now and stash it away for later!