The Best Locksmith Pittsburg: The Edwards Bros Locksmith


Looking for a Pittsburg locksmith service? Then you have come to the right place. Edwards Bros locksmith is a company that provides a 24 hour locksmith services around Pittsburg, whether if it is an emergency or non-emergency, the Edwards Bros will immediately come in your way regardless of the time, and weather.

The locksmith company provides a fast but high-quality lock installations, repair, re-keying, lock change, and as well as emergencies like a car and house lockout services. We are a family owned company, and quite well-known in the Pittsburg community for our quick 24/7 service and for being available constantly.

About Edwards Bros Locksmith

No matter where you are in Pittsburg, the Edwards Bros will immediately arrive at your place and provide you the best services that you need. In case you have been locked out of your house, car, or office, once you have called for the services of the locksmith, you won’t have to spend another minute being locked out.

The services that our mobile workshop offers are no different from the emergency and non-emergency services that we provide. We will immediately get to your place, and initiate work like lockout service, rekeying, and lock repairs. Another reason why we have become popular, is that we work 24 hours a day and immediately comes for help in our mobile locksmith services.

We are Always Up to Date

The world and our surroundings are not the only ones that are changing, even the way we lock our doors change. Before, there were only lock and keys available in stores, but now, there are high-quality locking systems that are popping out everywhere.

That is why, we locksmiths, are often trained and re-trained to be able to provide the best locksmith service in town. We may always be upgrading our services. However, we still offer the right price for it.

The Edwards Bros Locksmith in Pittsburg can offer you with amazing lock systems, which have been tested and certified as one of the greatest locks available.

The Edwards Bros Locksmith Offers a Wide Range of Key and Lock Services

Aside from solving the locking problems in your home, the Edward Bros Locksmith Pittsburgh could solve all kinds of key and lock issues in Pittsburg. If you have a problem with your car, safes, apartment, and other kinds of locks, we could solve it for you.

Additionally, we also install high-quality security systems for both business and home use. We offer an alarm system, an access control, and more. Whatever that lock problem you are having, just call us out and we will immediately arrive at your place within an hour, and help resolve your problem.

The Design Security of Edwards Bros

When you need the assistance of a Locksmith, our service, whether if it has to do with a residential property, a car or commercial lock problems, you’ll find the help that you needed from us and will quickly resolve the said problem.

Moreover, if you have a car lock problem, the Edwards Bros could also help resolve the issues quickly. Same as when you have a problem with your safe’s locking system, you can trust the Edwards Bros that they’ll keep your valuables safe and immediately fix out the problem.

Call for Our Services

Having difficulty in solving out your locking problem? Then look for the Edwards Bros help. They are always open and ready to respond immediately in case of a customer’s call, no matter what time or weather it is. The locksmiths provide the best quality of locksmith services and offer a very affordable price.

Contact us now if you have a locking problem in Pittsburg:

Contact No.: 412-879-0906
Address: Pittsburg, PA 15206


Looking for a professional locksmith that offers great services are to find, but with the Edwards Bros locksmith in Pittsburg, you don’t have to look for any other. They provide a fast and high-quality locking service around Pittsburg, they also use the best technology available and offers a very affordable price.

Not only does their work satisfies you, you can also save money and lots of time from fixing the locking problem yourself. The locksmith will immediately arrive at your place and quickly solve the problem within an hour or less.