The Best Secret Hidden Places That Will Deceive Any Burgular


You never know when a burglar can enter your home, so you should make sure to keep your staff safe. You may have a security system installed in your home or may be not, but still you won’t be wrong if you have secret places that no one can find. There are certain places in every home that can be used as hidden storage and most of them you never really though about before. So, since we are always here for you to give you some of the best hacks, tips and tricks, today, we would like to show you some of The Best Secret Hidden Places That Will Deceive Any Burglar.

The bedroom is most often the first room that burglar choose to search for valuables. Then they prefer to search around the living room or home office. This makes the bathroom, hallways, kitchen and the laundry room better places for keeping your valuables. Also, there can be some secret places in the backyard or around the home, that you can use hiding valuables. Scroll down now to see which are some of the best secret hidden places in your home and choose how you will keep of your valuables safe from any burglar.

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Hide A Key in Plain Sight

hide key
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Hide Valuables In Fake Pipes

fake pipes
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Hidden Secret Compartment Behind A Bathroom Or Kitchen Tile

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Concealed Key Storage Using Pill Bottle

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Hidden Outlet Wall Safe

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Hidden Key Storage

hidden key storage
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Hidden Stairway Storage

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Secret Compartment Cufflinks

compartment cufflinks
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Secret Hollow Book

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Doortop Stash

doortop stash
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Faux Air Vent Storage Unit

faux air vent storage unit
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DIY Secret Safe From Miracle Whip Jar

secret safe jar
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Hide Money In Empty Deodorant Tube

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Hide Money In Lip Balm Tube

lipbalm tube money storage
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Potted Plant Secret Compartment

potted plant secret compartment
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Hidden Chair Compartment

hidden chair compartment
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Keyboard Storage

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Hide Valuables In Plain Sight Within Your Vacuum Cleaner

vacuum cleaner hidden storage
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Drawer With False Bottoms

drawer with false bottoms
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Hide Money In A Globe

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Toe-Kick Hideaway

toe-kick hideway secret hidden places
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So, what do you think about the above secret hidden places? You must admit that you haven’t really thought about before for some of them. Tell us in the comments and also let u know if you have any other clever idea of how to hide your valuables and thus fool even the smartest burglar. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to find many other hacks, tips and tricks that will make your life easier.