The Best Tips for Buying Men’s Fashion Jackets for Short Men


It’s not always easy for short guys to find men’s fashion jackets that fit properly. Generally, the majority of men’s coats and jackets are designed to fit the “average” American man. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the average height of the American man is five feet and nine inches. In other words, you’re left swimming in a baggy-fit jacket with oversized sleeves.

Some guys resort to getting their jackets and coats tailored to fit their bodies, but this isn’t always the most cost-effective route. A tailor could cost you up to $80 to take in the sleeves and body. That’s enough to buy another leather or bomber jacket on Differio! We feel your pain.

Instead of spending your time and money at a tailor shop, you can follow a few tips and tricks for finding that perfect jacket fit. By paying attention to style, fit and measurements, you’ll easily be rocking men’s fashion jackets that look like they’ve been personally customized for your height.

  • Avoid floor-length coats and jackets.

When it comes to fit outerwear properly, one of the biggest no-nos for short men is floor-length coats and jackets. Yes, they might make you feel like Neo from The Matrix, but the cool factor ends there. (Also keep in mind that Keanu Reeves is six feet tall.)

There’s a misconception that a long-length jacket can add height by tricking the eye with fabric, but the effect is the exact opposite. Instead of adding that lengthening illusion, any outerwear that runs past your knees is only going to drown your body in fabric.

So, what length of men’s fashion jackets should you go for? Aim for men’s outerwear that hits around the hips to just above the knees. These would include waist-length men’s bomber jackets, shearling jackets, denim jackets and leather jackets (to name a few). Moreover, you should apply the same rule to men’s blazers and suit jackets.

  • Don’t ignore measurements online.

You’re probably used to blindly buying men’s clothing online without checking if the measurements fit your chest or arms. A lot of times we take it for granted that online trendy menswear stores include a measurement table on their website. It’s there for a reason, guys.

While some sizes might seem like they’re a universal fit, it depends on the manufacturer. Some men’s designer jackets that are made by European or Asian brands could run slightly smaller than clothing made in the U.S. Plus, by paying attention to measurements, you might be able to pull off a lengthier coat that you’d normally avoid just by guesstimating the product image.

Next time you’re browsing for a men’s bomber jacket, it doesn’t hurt to double check the website’s measurements to avoid the hassle of returns and exchanges.  

  • Stick with a skinny or slim-fit jacket.

It might’ve been popular in the 80s and 90s to wear loose-fit blazers with angular shoulder pads, but, fortunately, menswear has moved on to much more appealing styles. Similar to avoiding floor-length jackets and coats, short guys are also better off with slim and skinny-fit men’s outerwear.

When you stick with this fit, you don’t need to worry about looking like loads of fabric are engulfing you. This “skinny” rule is especially beneficial for choosing the right blazers and suit jackets for formal occasions and workwear.

By wearing men’s fashion jackets that hug your chest, you’re accentuating your figure by drawing the eye to your upper body. For short guys with a heavier build, you can leave the jacket unbuttoned to maintain the slimming effect.

  • Wear vertically lined prints and patterns.

An easy style trick for short guys to look taller is by wearing cool jackets for men designed in vertically lined prints and patterns. These would include men’s casual jackets with vertical pinstripes, graphics or even zippered accents.

The only downside to vertical prints is that it’s a busy pattern, so it’s not always the easiest color scheme to match. If you’re looking for an all-around versatile jacket, then go for subtler stripes, like a black cashmere coat with dark-grey stripes. You can even trick the eye with certain knitted men’s casual jackets designed with chunky cable stitching that runs vertically from the shoulder the hem.

As long as there’s a vertical effect on any stylish men’s jackets, it’s going to force the eye to look up and down, as opposed to widening and shortening your height.