The Best Ways To Use Your Home’s Corner Space


Getting the most of the space available is really important especially when decorating a small apartment. This means that we should organize everything to make the space look neat and also to have everything at hand. So, you should not neglect the corner space, but instead should think of how you can use it. And guess what, you are on the right place to find some of The Best Ways To Use Your Home’s Corner Space.

Today, we have chosen several great ideas of how to use the corner space in almost every part of your home. We are sure that you will find these ideas really useful and you will get the most of those corner spaces as soon as possible. Check the ideas below and let us know which one do you like the best. Enjoy!

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Corner Space Under The Stairs

Most often, we neglect the space under the stairs and leave it plain. But how about you turn it into a cozy reading nook and make this your favorite chilling spot. Add some light fixture, so that you can read at night too.

reading nook
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Or maybe you can even add a bed under the stairs and sleep over there.

bed under stairs
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And how about turning the space under the stairs into your home office. Add a corner desk, some corner shelves, a chair and your workstation is ready for usage.

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Corner Space Around The Home

The corners around your home are perfect for setting some corner shelves. Add such shelves in the hallway, in your bedroom or living room and use them for storing some books, family photos or some decorative items.

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If your kids need a space where they can be creative, set a table with chairs in some corner, add a tension rod on the wall for hanging some buckets. Fill the buckets with their crafting tools.

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Any unused corner space in the hallway can be turned into an organized family drop spot. Add a wall file holder, a memo board and a charging station.

family drop spot
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Bedroom Corner Space

If you want to add a desk in your bedroom, look for  a corner one and thus get the most of the corner space over there.

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Or maybe make your bedroom corner space special by hanging some swing chair over there.

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Kitchen Corner Space

The kitchen is the space in the home with many utensils and gadgets, so you need to get the most of the space. Make those corner space functional with some open shelving or use it to install some of the kitchen gadgets over there.

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Also, don’t forget the corner drawers to get the most of the kitchen space.

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The corner kitchen space can be also used for the sink.

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If your pantry looks unorganized, try installing a Lazy Susan in the corner and thus be able to store more of the supplies.

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And of course, one of the corners into your kitchen can be used for storing your favorite bottles of wine.

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Bathtub Corner Space

Let’s take you in now in the bathroom and show you how to use the corner space over there. If you are setting a new bathtub, don’t look for a round freestanding one, but opt for some corner bathtub.

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Or if you prefer a shower to bathtub, then again look for a corner one.

corner shower
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And the other corner of your bathroom can be used for some corner sink. So now you have space to move freely through your small bathroom.

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Well, now that you are familiar with all the possible ways of how to use the corner space around your home, which one of them you will choose to copy. Tell us in the comments and of course, don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to find many other home decor ideas.