The Challenges That Antivirus Services Face In 2019


An antivirus is a must have for any computer in the current age. A lot of spammers and fraudsters are targeting computer systems so that they can manipulate them and even steal sensitive information.

So, you must install a good antivirus to your system to stay safe from all the fraudsters. But nothing under the sun is perfect. That is why even the antivirus software come with some shortcoming. So what are the common challenges that antivirus services face in 2019? We will be discussing that in this article. Let’s dive in.


Challenge #1: Conflicting Software

The major challenge that an antivirus program might face is working in a system that has conflicting software. In other words, the antivirus might not be compatible with other programs [or operating system] in a computer.

Well, the good news is that some of these problems can easily be solved through quick troubleshooting. However, it can be a huge challenge in other cases. A simple tweak may not solve it, even if you were to make some adjustment to your OS.

In most cases, an antivirus will face a challenge when the firewall is activated in the computer system. Normally, Mac and Windows PCs come with their own firewall version. In this case, the antivirus will try to bring in its firewall version, which happens to clash with that of your computer.

Most of the antiviruses and computer OS will come with an active firewall that cannot be turned off. In this case, it becomes difficult just to turn off the firewall just whenever you want to. The firewalls can come with the system, and they will help to increase the security level of your system. Surprisingly, you may never use these firewalls. But they are needed by your antivirus to boost the level of security.

But on the other hand, they will conflict with the preinstalled firewall on your operating system.

Now, when you want to troubleshoot, you will have two options at your disposal. First off, you may just have to change the settings of your preinstalled firewall. However, the other option is to disable the firewall on your antivirus. Unfortunately, most modern antiviruses will not have the option of disabling the firewall.

Usually, a way to solve this issue is to replace your antivirus with another that will be compatible with your system’s firewall. The good news is that most of the top antivirus in 2019 will come with a money-back guarantee. In this case, you can simply demand a refund and find the one that suits your system perfectly.

But if your heart and soul are telling you to continue using the antivirus, then you can choose to turn off the firewall or report an issue to their customer support.

Since most antivirus programs don’t have the option of turning off the firewall, you can opt to turn off your Windows firewall instead.

Issue #2:  A Few Bugs and Glitches

While antivirus programs are usually the ‘beast’ or ‘army men’ in the software world, they can also have some bugs. After all, they are just software like others. Most antivirus service providers will use some advances development models where you subscribe to enjoy their services. During the development and customization of these software, the will companies try to eliminate any bug in their programs. However, one or two bugs can make it through the security check.

In case you notice such bugs, you should always reach out to the technical support of the antivirus service provider.

But usually, the less-known antivirus programs will come with such bugs that will need to be addressed. This is because they might not have the right skills, resources, and experience to eliminate the bugs accordingly.

That is why it is advised to find a good antivirus that will work well for you and your system with limited to zero bugs.


Issue #3: The issue of Incomplete Databases

Well, a good antivirus program will depend on some factors. For example, it should have a good performance, must be reliable, and it should actually be able to identify the viruses and take the necessary action. In most cases, an antivirus will quarantine any suspicious file or program.

Some of the common viruses that can be eliminated by the modern antivirus programs include the ransom software, malware, keyloggers, as well as Trojan programs.

For this reason, every antivirus developer aims at making their program able to identify the virus secretly from their competitors. The general programming world is full of multiple competitors. Some are wicked and aim at developing viruses that manipulate computer systems. On the other hand, some are good developers, who try to develop programs that will find and eliminate those viruses. Every antivirus developer wants to develop a ‘better’ program than his competitor.

Since every developer wants to please their client with their product, they end up developing programs that lack enough virus databases. The virus developers continue to create worse virus than before. This becomes a general challenge to the antivirus providers.

But every problem’s got a solution. So, in this case, there is also a solution to the incomplete databases of the antivirus programs. To solve this, you can install different antivirus programs at once. This way, each antivirus will have its own database of viruses. In other words, if one virus is unrecognizable by one antivirus, it will be easily detected and recognized by another antivirus.

Installing two antivirus means that you will need to pay more subscription fee. This might seem expensive, but it can help to keep your system clean at all times.

By the way, if you are curious if two antivirus programs will work on your system, you should know that they will work perfectly without any issue. But you need to check the system requirements of each antivirus before you decide to install it on your computer. All in all, they will help to keep you safe from any possible attack.

Don’t forget to weight the delivery and performance of each antivirus before you choose them. Consider what the customers are saying about the antivirus and if it is good enough for your system then proceed to buy it. All in all, don’t use your computer without an antivirus program.