The characteristics of a comfortable dream house for a family residence


Having a comfortable home is everyone’s dream without any guarantees. A house where a happy family can live. Happiness and comfort will make all the activities carried out by the residents become something maximum. Even so, there are some things to consider about your dream home.

The dream house must be comfortable and in accordance with the needs of its occupants, both children, teenagers, adults, and elderly family members. The goal is that the function of the house can be used by all residents without dependence, you will get it here in display homes.

When viewed from some of these factors, it can be said that the dream house is a house that has the following characteristics:

Building Location

A comfortable dream house built in a location far from pollution. Houses that are close to the highway will indeed get good access but are easily exposed to air pollution.

Likewise with those close to factory areas, trash cans, riverbanks, and industries. The threat of pollution will be very much, not only air but also air, sound, and smell. So if you want to build a house, you should look for land that is far from things.

House Size

Adjust the size of the house with the number and who the occupants of the house are. For residents with a number of families, the building area and number of rooms must also be appropriate. Do not use several rooms to be converted as bedrooms if they are not feasible.

On the other hand, if the occupants are a small family, it is better to build a house that is sufficient. Because a big house will be difficult to clean and also seem lonely if other residents are not there.

House design

The ideal home design adapts to its occupants. If the occupants are a family who likes and likes the design, the design is minimalist. The goal is that all family members can gather in one room when together.

Or if the occupants are mostly women, it can be in a room with a soft design and muted colors, and so on. The point is that a design that is suitable for its occupants will increase comfort and make it productive in activities.

Building material

The dream house is a house built with environmentally friendly building materials. It is also safe and creates healthy conditions for its residents. If the material used does not meet these criteria, it is not a dream house.

Then what if the house already uses materials outside of these characteristics? One way to overcome this is to renovate and redecorate. Usually, the materials that can be checked for safety and the level of their impact on health are roofs, ventilation, and lighting.


Facilities inside and outside the house that support the activities of its residents must also be considered. At least the dream house must have basic facilities such as a kitchen, living room, family room, dining room, worship area, bedroom, and bathroom.

However, if you want to add other facilities, you can choose the useful ones. Additional facilities include sports facilities, a swimming pool, a backyard, an entertainment room and a relaxing area. On the other hand, the need for any facility is considered in terms of land efficiency as well as cost.

Community Environment

The community environment cannot be ruled out from all kinds of characteristics of a dream home. A comfortable dream house should also be located in a community area with a safe, peaceful environment and also uphold values ​​and norms. This is very important for the growth and development of children because the environment has a very big influence there.

In addition, the community environment also encourages certain lifestyles for its residents. If possible, you should look for a location on the outskirts of the city or countryside that is still beautiful and quiet. If it is not possible, then supervision and community education can be applied in the social life of the community.

Level Model Dream House

One of the primary human needs is a board. The board becomes a place to rest, rest and gather family members. Boards are also useful for protecting families from extreme temperatures and attacks by wild animals.

With boards being a basic necessity, it’s no wonder many new families follow the production process very closely. Yes, the house is very vital because it is not an item that is only used once and is immediately thrown away, more than that, the house is used as the only relic for posterity.

Regarding the manufacturing process, of course someone associates the desire of his house with what is called a “dream house”. There are various types and styles of a person for his dream house such as building design, house location, building size, building materials, facilities, and so on.

Well, on this happy occasion, I will also give you tips on your dream home. Maybe you also have the same dream as me.

Level House; Dream house

The house that is the dream of most new families is a terraced house. Why did this happen?

Multi-storey houses seem to be rare, but there are a few things to keep in mind that multi-storey houses offer First, a multi-storey house will make it easier for you to arrange the layout of your belongings and all your furniture.

With the type of house level, your house will not feel cramped. You will feel freer and feel more spacious than a one-story house.

The type of level house will also be able to help your concentration. Yes, with a multi-story house, your mind becomes simple because between the lower and upper rooms you can make a room that has a different function.

For example, for a special downstairs room, you can use it as a living room, while the upper room or second floor can be used as a special room for yourself. With this specialization, it will be easier for you to arrange the space for how your dreams fit you with your dreams in general.

As a result, your home is not just a dream for you and your family. More broadly, your home will become the dream home of your guests and extended family. Beautiful, right?

Storey Houses are Safer and Comfortable

If you like morning panoramas, be sure to keep reading this article. The terraced house is very romantic to be used as a point of view of the sunrise and sunset.

In the morning, you can read the daily newspaper, sunbathe and drink coffee. In the afternoon, you can also carry out relaxing activities such as studying or continuing your work accompanied by a cool and fresh natural atmosphere.

Yes, the advantages of a multi-story house not only make you feel more spacious, but more than that you will get a lot of unexpected freshness.

The advantages of the next-story house are safe and comfortable. A multi-story house will better protect your family from various dangers and disasters.

If you feel in an area that has high rainfall, this dream house is perfect because if there is a flood, your family can go up and secure all your belongings on the second floor.

You can also make the second floor a temporary shelter before help from a special team arrives. More than that, you can also use the second floor as a place to monitor the condition of the people below.

Thus a brief review of the dream house version of this article. Hopefully, the explanation above can enrich your insight into your dream home. Especially for new families, you need to carefully consider how the house you will build.

Dream House with Swimming Pool

Having a dream home is the dream of most people. Having a house like this will be a matter of pride, especially if we are in an environment of people with money, then having a luxurious home can be a must.

There’s nothing wrong with having a big and luxurious house, as long as you don’t push yourself too much from the income you get. For example, if we only have an income of 3 million per month, but we insist on wanting to buy a luxury house to go into debt here and there, that is a mistake.

Having a big house is also important because, in addition to property prices that are always rising if we have assets in the form of luxury homes, we also have nothing to lose. In addition to the pride of the house, it is also used as a place for family and even relatives to gather. So if we have a comfortable dream house, we will have more fun when hanging out with our relatives and friends.

A dream house that has a swimming pool on the inside will make the atmosphere of the house more cool and calm. Most people will definitely think that if we have a swimming pool in our yard, then it will be judged as an excessive action.

Actually, this is not the case, because by having a swimming pool in our yard, we can protect our families from swimming in public places and mingling with people who are not their relatives or avoid seeing things that are prohibited.

Because swimming is one of the sports recommended by the Prophet, having a house with a swimming pool in the yard has its own point. If you want to have a dream home, then don’t be too focused on its large size.

Because there are so many houses that are large but feel ordinary, even less comfortable to live in. But if you want to make your dream home, then make one that has a unique and efficient design. If you look at the design of this house, you can see that the house does not have a tile.

Thus, this house has its own uniqueness. Because there are still very few luxury homes that do not use tiles as their roofs.

Also, pay attention to the construction of the house so that it is metric. Don’t forget to design the interior of the room so that it blends and has many features to make your dream home more efficient in space and also pleasing to the eye.

Don’t forget to also pay attention to the lighting that will enter the room, also pay attention to the shape of the air circulation, it is important to avoid the house from the heat and keep the house in the cool air.

But please keep in mind, if you have a big house, more maintenance is needed, for example like the house above, if you notice that some of the walls in the house are replaced with glass. This is to add an elegant impression to the house.

Using glass means that we also have to keep the glass clean so that our dream house remains pleasing to the eye. Moreover, if you plan to make a swimming pool like the house above, then you also have to think about keeping the pool water clean.

Just use dim lights for decorative lighting, so it doesn’t consume too much electricity. Bright lights are only for use in a room. And lastly, don’t forget to plant it with various ornamental plants to make the house look more beautiful.