The Common Roofing Problems Within The House


The roof, like the house, requires regular maintenance and servicing to remain in the best condition. Without proper maintenance and care, the roofing of the house is likely to have many issues, that affect it detrimentally over time. 

Oftentimes, roofing problems can be expensive to fix besides being unsafe in case of large damage. Calamities, like cyclones and storms, can blow off shingles and do extensive damage to the roof. Besides, there can be extensive yet not very obvious damage done by critters and rodents which will require professional help like Tidewater Roofing to fix. 

Most common types of roofing trouble 

The most common damage that is repaired regularly in various households is damage due to damp and mold. Ponding water, which is water that has accumulated on the roof for more than 48 hours, is an extremely common problem with stagnant water on flat roofing. This accumulated water slowly seeps into cracks and crevices. Over time, the weight of the water can lead to structural damage, besides causing mold and mildew growth.

Damps and leaks can wreak havoc to the walls and the roof, and usually requires professional help when it does. This type of damage can also happen with snow. This is because, mold and damp are both bad for the roofing leading to numerous health problems like pneumonia and asthma, and hence, they are a great cause for concern. 

Animals and critter damages are probably the second most common type of damage encountered by most homeowners. In the colder months, it is normal for mice, insects, raccoons, and squirrels to nest under a slightly damaged roof through which they have been able to find or make an entrance for themselves. Rodents like to chew and it is highly possible that you have damage through chewing on parts of the roof.

Flashing is installed into homes and to keep water away from the vents and air conditioning systems, where moisture can create more damage also maybe short circuits through leakages near electrical systems. 

Blistered shingles are another common problem faced by many homeowners, and it happens typically due to moisture content and poor air circulation. Blistering can also happen in areas that have a lot of high heat, which over time, blows small holes open due to the intense heat.

Shrinkage is another issue that happens in many homes, where the roofing has been made with single-ply membranes. Single-ply membranes are typically used as they are easy to install, inexpensive, and also very flexible. Shrinkage happens due to moisture, poor maintenance, and installation. 

Improper installation and repairs are also a common reason for issues with the roofing. As fixing the roof can be expensive, many opt to do a stopgap treatment and do a poor job themselves which does not last. 

Punctures and penetrations can happen anytime, with common weather situations like hail and high winds. Many of the punctures and penetrations often happen around the areas of flashing and it is imperative that you maintain the roof with the flashing regularly to avoid last-minute trouble during bad weather. 

Proper ventilation is also another factor that contributes to the state of the roofing all around. Without proper ventilation, trapped moisture damages the shingles and the walls and can create mold throughout the house. 

Roofing is one of the most important sections of the house, requiring regular maintenance, to protect us from the elements. Trying to work it out yourself, can be dangerous and hiring someone who is not certified can also work against you without any guarantees of how long the work will last after completion. Extensive damage like leakages, mold, shrinkage, or missing shingles can happen in all households, and professionals should be consulted for the best advice and the way forward.