The defeat of the invincible


After being over 1000 days in a row on the top of the European football, finally the king´s club has bean defeated. They are now out of the most spectacular championship in Europe, the Champions League. A lot has being said about their play, their results, the changes that has been made inside the club and on the pitch, however no one exactly knows what is the biggest reason for the bad period they have entered several months ago and are struggling to overcome on a most hurtless way.

Only a week ago the whites were still in play for the three trophies: the Champions League, the La Liga Santander and the Spanish King´s Cup. It seems like this week has been the crucial, yet of a bad luck for the still most popular football club in the world. This brought a lots of happiness to the rival fans´faces. Now knowing that the four time winner club of the last five years is out of the championship brings peace, calmness and joy. They feel safe now. The best has been defeated.

Firstly they played the greatest Spanish rival at home for the second leg game of the Spanish King´s Cup. Even though they draw the first leg match at Camp Now, which was a small promise to them that maybe at home they will have no problem beating the rival, it turned out all of the three goals of the match ended up in their net. This brought him out of the competition. But this was not all!

Only a few days later they faced the same rival at the same place. This time for the Spanish La Liga. This was a great chance to reduce the difference in points between the both teams. However, Real Madrid did not mannage to even score a single goal which only helped the rival come closer to Madrid´s goal and score with almost no previous chances for goal. These three points only increased the difference in points between Real Madrid and Barcelona, making it almost impossible for Real Madrid to come closer to the top.

But to make the things even worse, Real Madrid faced yet another great rival, this time for the Champion´s League second leg match. The decission-making one. The situation is the same as with the first leg match against Barcelona. Real Madrid is in a better position and with greater chance to keep with the qualification in the Champion´s league. However, it seems like the visiting team, Ajax in this case, came well prepared both physically and mentally. They already scored two goals in the first half of the match which woke up the spirit of the team. Untill the very end they scored as much as four goals, leaving the home team with the will of winning and scoring. They mannaged to, however, score only one goal, making Assensio the only scorrer in the last three important matches. But not only was the visiting team well prepared but the visiting fans as well. It was a long time ago since Bernabeu have seen more visiting team fans than Madridistas. A perfect demotivationn for the warriors on the pitch.

All that´s left is focus on the changes that can be made in order to finish the season among the top four Spanish teams and gathering strength for the next season.