The Difference Between Conventional And Organic Beef


Healthy food is quite a popular topic these days. As there are lots of discussions about what is healthy and what isn’t, experts would agree that organic food is on top of the list. It has so many advantages over the conventional food. Keeping a healthy lifestyle means that you have to be informed about the benefits of certain foods. Eating outside does not have to mean that it is not healthy. Some restaurants are taking responsibility for the food they serve and offer organic beef, such as Farm Burger, who choose quality over convenience by sourcing their food from local farmers. They have locations in Alabama, California, Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee. Read on and find out the Difference Between Conventional And Organic Beef!


Benefits of sustainable organic farming

Organic farming takes advantage on the natural environment to enhance the productivity, without using any additional chemicals. Farm Burger is working as an ecosystem, and the goal is to establish a good connection between the soil, animals, plants ,chefs, and customers. Organic farms use natural materials to enhance the plants, such as compost and manure. Everything artificial is excluded from the system. As a result, we get healthy food that is free of toxins.


Benefits of consuming organic beef

Organic food has a high nutritional value. There is a huge Difference Between Conventional And Organic Beef. The foods that are consumed by the cattle have a big impact on the nutrition profile of the meat. Grass fed beef has so many benefits, because grass is the main food for the cattle. The first principle of organic farming is to provide natural food for the animals, that will result in healthy meat loaded with nutrients. The high demand for meat on the market is requiring for a more efficient way of production. Therefore, quantity is more important than quality for the industry. These are the benefits of consuming organic beef for your overall health:

  • Organic beef is free of antibiotics. Large conventional farms have a small and filthy space for cattle production. This is the main reason for illnesses. Since the healthy animals can’t be separated from the ill ones, they are given antibiotics in large doses.
  • Organic beef does not contain hormones, as cattle is being grown naturally. Conventional farming has only one goal-to make lots of money in a short time. That’s why animals are stuffed with growth enhancing hormones. Animals will grow bigger in less time, resulting with low quality meat that is tasteless.
  • Organic beef has better nutritional value than conventional beef. Cattle that was fed with grass will give meat with less unhealthy fats, compared to the ones fed with grains. Therefore, it has less calories and more nutrients that are important for the body. This provides your body with up to six times more amount of healthy fats. Also, it is a good choice for the people that follow a keto lifestyle. The most important thing about keto is to replenish the electrolytes when they are flushed out. The main electrolytes for the human body are sodium, potassium and magnesium. Organic beef contains all three of them, in good amounts.