The Effects of Severe Termite Infestations—Always Be Prepared!

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Home and business owners have to consider all sorts of scenarios that may damage their properties. Natural disasters or financial loss can have catastrophic consequences for those who own property. However, people typically overlook pest infestations which is one of the main causes of property damage in Australia. 

One such pest that can cause you distress if you’re a home or business owner is termites. If you didn’t know how much damage these tiny pests can cause, then keep reading. At the end of this article, we will give you advice on termite protection so you can prevent future infestations.  

What Do Termites Do? 

Termites are insects that live in colonies similar, to ants. These pests live underground or in wood such as tree bark or structures made from lumbar. The reason why termites live in wood is because they feed off of it and wooden byproducts such as paper. 

These termites will burrow through wooden structures which can cause millions of dollars in property damage. Termites are excellent at staying out of sight so you may not notice the damage they’re causing until it’s too late. That’s why it’s important to call a termite inspection service if you have any suspicions of an infection. There are telltale signs that you may not know of. 

Health Concerns Related to Termite Infestations 

Here is a list of common health risks associated with termites:

  • Asthma: Termites can decompose wooden structures causing mould growth. The fungus causes severe respiratory problems such as asthma. 
  • Skin conditions: Frass from termites can cause contact dermatitis which is a skin allergy. The allergic reaction can cause skin itching, inflammation and severe rashes. 
  • Myiasis: Termite infestations can increase the risk of contracting myiasis which is when flies lay eggs inside wounds or sores. Symptoms include itching and the feeling of something crawling under the skin. 

If you are experiencing any one of these symptoms it’s advised that you contact your doctor. Furthermore, start inspecting your property for signs of termites. 

The Effects of Termite Damage to Your Property 

Termites cause over $5 billion dollars in property damage every year. Repairing property damage is costly because you have to fix wooden frames, wall studs, replace flooring and repaint. 

In severe cases where termites have completely destroyed the foundation of property, homeowners could spend up to $6000 mending the damage. Don’t let termites eat through your home. Prevention is better than cure. So when you see termites get pest control to eliminate them immediately. 

Signs of Termite Infestations

Sometimes termite infestations may look like water damage that appears as stains on walls and floors. Other signs of termites include the following: 

  • Swollen floors and ceilings
  • Visible mazes in walls, floors and furniture
  • A scent similar to mildew 

Pest control will inspect the inside and outside of your home because termites may burrow in your garden or through swimming pools and ponds to get to a water source. 

How to Rid Your Home of Termites

The best way to get rid of termites quickly is to use termite pest control services. These pest control service providers will do a full inspection of your home and then use chemical sprays to kill all termites & eggs. 

Exterminators use specially formulated products that go through crevices in walls and floors that will kill termites immediately when the bugs touch the chemicals. It’s highly effective and it’s recommended that you use exterminator services even if the cause isn’t severe. 

If you find a few termites around the house, those numbers can increase drastically over time. It’s important to kill the termites immediately so they don’t reproduce. 

Termite Prevention 

After your house has been fumigated, the products the pest control service used will protect you from future termite infestations. However, you should always take precautionary measures to decrease the risk of future termite invasions. Here are a few ways you can protect your home from termites. 

Reduce Soil to Wood Contact

Termites invade the home by burrowing underground. The quickest way to your home is through the soil. Therefore reduce the soil to wood contact around your home. 

Remove Termite Food Around Your Home 

Wood, lumber, paper, cardboard and mulch are breeding grounds for termites. If you have any of these products lying around outside the house, remove them immediately especially around the foundation of your home. 

Keep Plants Away From the House. 

Some people have plants outside doors and around the foundation of the house. It’s best to limit plantation around doorways and small holes around the house where termites can enter. 

If you’re a property owner it’s important to inspect your building regularly to check for signs of pest infestations. As mentioned before, prevention is better than cure so always ensure you’re taking the necessary measures to protect your property from pests. 

If you do have a server pest trouble, contact your local pest control services to solve the problem for you. They work quickly and it will save you thousands of dollars in property damages.