The Equipment You Must Have for Your New Restaurant


One of the most important things to consider as a restaurant owner is how to keep up with competition.

While a unique menu and delicious food will keep your loyal customers coming back to your establishment, you need a way to lure those outside of your target audience into your restaurant to try out your food.

Updating your current commercial kitchen equipment will help you gain a competitive edge and allow you to remain successful for years to come.

The Best Equipment Upgrades for Your Restaurant

If you want to add more variety to your menu, this helpful list of commercial kitchen equipment will help you do just that while saving you plenty of time in the process.

Dual Temperature Display Cases

If you have a bakery added on to your restaurant, or hope to include one in the future, you will want to add one or more dual temperature display cases. They allow you to include refrigerated items along with non-refrigerated food in a single display case. Sell fresh bagels, cheesecake slices, pies, cupcakes and more by placing a display case nearby the cash register.

Food Blenders

Promoting healthy eating is a great way to gain new customers for your restaurant and what better way to add nutrition to your menu than by creating delicious smoothies using fresh fruits and veggies? Commercial food blenders can help you create several servings of customized smoothies within minutes. They may also be used to create purees, sauces and so much more.

Dough Sheeters

Creating your own fresh, homemade dough is one way to entice customers to visit your restaurant. But you will need to have the necessary equipment to help you with this daily task. A Dough Sheeter can be a very useful tool for any pizzeria or Italian restaurant. The equipment sheets dough onto rolling pins so that it is much easier to transport to a work area or place in storage for later use.

Countertop Fryers

A commercial-size countertop fryer can help you fry up large amounts of battered and breaded meats and sides for your customers. These fryers are designed to hold a large quantity of food so that you can meet the needs of the demanding lunch crowd or your many weekend dinner customers.

Drop-in Hot Food Well Units

Drop-in hot wells can be a great benefit for buffet restaurants, catering companies, cafeterias and resorts. They help to keep dishes warmer for a longer period so that you don’t have to constantly reheat your hot items. The pans are designed to drop into your countertop or buffet station so that they won’t take up any additional space. There are also drop-in units for cold food items as well that you can use for salad bars, fruit bars, and dessert tables.

Excited for Your New Restaurant? You’re Almost There!

Along with these helpful food storage and preparation items, you may also want to upgrade your other necessary equipment. Look for new options for commercial gas ranges and commercial refrigerators to improve your restaurant’s service and quality of food.