The funniest and craziest beliefs about the celebrities


The conspiracy theories about the celebrities is something we read and hear about every day. Some of them get forgotten in order to re-appear after several years. We have all heard about the belief that Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson are still alive. Some of them are so bizarre but, however, the people like reading about it. Even though the possibility of the following ones to be true are almost zero, this are one of the most famous ones.

The famous are part of Illuminati

The Illuminati have been accused of plenty of things throughout the years. It is believed that nowadays they control everything through the celebrities. Plenty of them are connected with this secret society. Names like Nicki Minaj Billy Joel, Justin Biber, Katy Perry, Madonna, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Angelina Jolie, even the American president are involved in this conspiracy theories. Sometimes the musicians turn this news into jokes, therefore use Illuminati symbols in their official videos on purpose.



Lindsay Lohan has a twin sister

Lindsay disappears and reappears from the celebrity scene for several years. When she was trying to leave apart the fame she gained thanks to Disney, she was the main subject of many discussing because of her behavior. Some people claim that this is as a result of the fact that Disney have killed her twin sister. To be more precise, Lindsay played a role in “The parent Trap” with her twin sister, Kelsey Morgan Lohan. The hearings are that Disney have sent her sister to live a “normal” life while putting an accent on the fame of Lindsay.

George Bush’s administration is responsible for Britney Spears’s nervous breakdown

A plenty of people connect the bad period of the American president of that time, George V. Bush with Britney Spears’s life. It is true that there is a coincidence. However, how can one be sure that this is the truth!? During an interview they have asked Britney whether she believes in the president, while she replies “yes”. That’s all they have as a proof.

Lady Gaga is a killer

Lady Gaga is famous for several things. Among the others, her impeccable voice, her eccentricity, just like her acting skills. However, according to her conspiracy theory, she is a killer as well. The public believes that Lady Gaga have killed the star Lina Morgana in order to steal her style. On the other hand, Lina Morgana has commited a suicide in 2008. She has jumped from a balcony of a hotel room. Even though Lady Gaga has never been mentioned in the case, the people connect them both from the dancing group they both were part of.


Avril Lavigne is dead

Avril became famous in no time. She is recognized by her teen behavior and authentic style. However, she has paid the price of her grandfather’s dead, as well as her parent’s divorce. After several years of excellent career she decided to leave the celebrity life and focus on herself. At that very time the people started rumoring that Avril is dead and she has been replaced by her friend who looks alike.