The Future of Smart Houses


The idea of a so-called smart house used to be associated with the extremely wealthy, but today 12,5% of American households can be called a smart house. What does the future hold for these smart homes?

The technology is developing faster than ever before and the smart house of tomorrow will look quite different than what they do today. Here are some of the features that are predicted to hit the smart house market in the following years. 


Be your own security company

Some of the most exciting new technologies will be in-home monitoring and security. Previously, you had to buy expensive alarm systems and pay for installation. Now, you have the possibility to do installations yourself. 

It’s getting easier to set up your own cameras and sensors, and new technology gives you the opportunity to get notifications directly to your phone if something happens in your home, no matter where in the world you are. This way, you don’t have to pay a security company to do the work for you and you have all the control. 

Fire safety is also rumoured to be getting some upgrades. Modern fire alarms will communicate and report to everyone in the household on their phones if they’re triggered in any way. The same goes for moisture protection, where we’ll likely get sensors that report leaks. This way, we can limit the extent of moisture damage drastically. 

Existing products that provide security

There are already plenty of existing smart products that can help you feel safe in your home. 

A calling system, like those you find in most apartment complexes, is a great option for a private home. It gives you complete control over who comes and goes and lets you know who’s outside your door before you let them in. 

If you have kids, this is a great investment in their safety and makes it easier for you to leave them home alone. You can get calling systems with both audio and video.

Keyless code lock 

With a keyless code lock, you can always keep track of your front door and who has access to your house. A key can easily be lost or misplaced, and if it does, it’s a whole process to get the locks changed. 

If you believe that your code has gotten misplaced, you can easily deactivate and change it yourself with the keyless code lock. 

Fingerprint lock 

Another good and safe alternative is the fingerprint lock, where no one but the ones who’s fingerprint you register has access to your house. This is an even more exclusive solution than the code lock, but might dysfunction more easily. 

Practical products 

In the near future, we will see more products that actually replace a job. Robotic vacuum cleaners and lawnmowers are great examples of products that will be further developed and stay on the market.  

What won’t we see more of?

There are a few smart products that turned out to be not smart enough. 

Kettles with wireless wifi controlled by an app, for instance, is not a product that does a useful job for anyone. Other products include the Quooker tap which gives you boiled water straight from the tap

Smart garbage cans are also products that we can do without. Even though it’s practical and fun that it opens it’s own lid, ties your garbage bags for you, and prepares a new bag, it’s not really a must-have product.