The Graphic Tee Trend, a Symbol of Men’s Personality


In the past, long before social media statuses and tweets, men used graphic tees to express their preferences in terms of politics, society, music, and personal values. However, the trend is on the rise again with tees reaching ultimate levels of art and avant-garde symbolism to match the latest fashion movements and today’s social reality. Graphic tees are a great opportunity for companies to launch a variety of marketing campaigns around different topics and promote their brand message.

However, 2019 has witnessed a global shift in trends for men’s graphic t-shirts which now include simple logos, bird elements, nature themes such as plant textures and colors, different animal prints, pirate art, comic characters, and abstract imagery.

Popular Graphic Tees 

Mens’ graphic tees, which display abstract elements as well as natural elements such as birds, plants and flowers are rising in popularity. Shirts with prints of exotic birds combined with various avant-garde artwork are among the most popular. The increased awareness of protecting the environment has led graphic tee designers to insert plant textures and colorful abstract art to express issues relating to Mother Nature. 

Another very popular trend are graphic tees that incorporate pirate themes including pirate skulls, swords and different abstract backgrounds to express a more adventurous personality. However, some of the trendiest graphic tees include mythological characters- like the iconic Medusa Shirt from Versace, which includes a white drawing of Medusa and the name of the brand in bright colors. In fact, Versace has a huge range of shirts for men also available on websites like Luisaviaroma for example, and most of these are graphic-tees with various prints and logos. 

Also animal prints are making a strong comeback, especially in the high-end of fashion where many designer t-shirts rock a variety of animalier prints on their tees in a mix with fantasy symbols. 

Styling Tips for Men’s Graphic Tees

The styling of graphic tees has a significant impact on the end look. The key to achieving a good look is choosing a graphic t-shirt, which fits perfectly. Men can tell if a T-shirt fits if they can pinch up to 5 cm of fabric on either side of their abdomen. Another factor which impacts styling is the type of graphic on the tee that should be aligned with the man’s personality. 

Also, the background of the tee should be a single color, preferably white so that the graphic stands out. And, a solid color will allow for layering with other items such as a jean jacket, a button-up, a sports jacket, a blazer or a pullover.

In terms of footwear, graphic tees match casual dress shoes like a Chelsea or derby boot. Also, a graphic T-shirt works better with jeans rather than elegant trousers. Accessories such as belts and watches will complete a perfect look.

Graphic tees for men are making a strong comeback in 2019. Designers across all affordable but also luxury brands are implementing a variety of graphics such as animals, birds, abstract art and mythological symbols into their creations. But, the key to wearing a graphic tee is styling it properly. So, men should consider the size, the background, and texture of the tees, the possibility of layering it with other fashion items, choosing the right footwear and accessorizing.