The importance of Shakespeare to the English literature


You can love him or hate him, you can appreciate or dislike his work, but the facts claim that Shakespeare is not one of the most significant but moreover, the most significant writer in the history of the English literature.

Shakespeare is still the most famous English playwrite, poet and actor. He lived and composed his masterpieces in the sixteenth century and is considered as one of the most important and writers in the Universal Literature. This fact already speak volumes about his impact on the later writers and still a teacher to many. He is a writer that, with his great will and big tallent, has managed to shade all the previous writers that, however, left an impecable works of art. He is one of the authors that managed to live for centuries through his work, as no other author did something similar.

But there is a trick or a magic that helped him keep himself at the very top and the majority of the researches claim that it is his connection with the public. But there is another secret that works as a spice to this story which reveals the “how” of his connection with the public. It is believed that the topics he discussed about called the attention of the public more than any other detail that has something to do with his work. It seems like Shakespeare knew exactly how to personifie the weaknesses of the ordinary people way better than anyone else. He writes and describes a lot about the emotions of the people and among the human beings, putting a stress on the complex characters. This have always left a great impact on the people, maybe because the man himself is indeed a complex. Moreover, there is at least one character in the Shakespeare’s plays or poems with whom he identifies, therefore makes the whole story even more picturesque and alive.

On the other hand his style of writing and the usage of poetic language together with the dramatic resources is what makes him stand out among the poets of all the times. He sometimes speaks or writes so little but tells too much. But more than a writer, he is a true teacher, someone who created a school out of his works. That is why even  nowadays his quotes and aphorisms are one of the most used all around the world, in more than one language.

It is a sad truth that his fame got bigger with the time. He did not enjoy that much fame during his lifestile. Somehow his work began to be more appreciated after he could no longer leave priceless works of art with only one pen. There even existed skeptics who had doubts about his skills and even claimed that he was not the one writing the stories. However, a fact is that someone had to do it and nowadays there is no room for doubts that he himself wrote it. Not untill his death did his work began to cross borders and become appreciated that much that they even named him as the man of the nineteenth century in the field of the literature.

Therefore he is one of the greatest of all times, still a teacher to many, whose works exist in only a few copies but are definitelly one of the best sold works in the history.