The Importance of Taking Care of Your Watch


Buying a watch is not just a purchase but an investment in a piece of art that might be passed through generations. The design of watches is meant, so they last and withstand the test of time. These devices can work for decades or centuries if you take care of them. To enjoy the merits of these watches, you need to keep the watch safe to avoid clogging any moving parts. With this in mind, we’re providing insights on how to take care of your watch.

Cleaning Your Watch

Use a soft cloth to wipe the surfaces of your watch to remove any dust accumulation. For water-resistant watches, you can soak the cloth in a cleaning agent to remove the dirt.

Get Your Watch Serviced

Get an expert to service your watch after a certain period. For mechanical watches every two to three years while quartz should be three to four years. This prevents sudden damages to parts.

Keep Away from Magnets

Magnets affect the normal functioning of a clock. They harm the hands of the clock and this also affects timekeeping. Keeping your watch away from magnets ensures that this does not happen.

Limit Sun Exposure

Sunlight affects the colour and toughness of a watch handle and its components. The heat can shorten battery life, so it’s best to prevent direct exposure to sunlight.

Stay Away from Chemicals

Cleaning suppliers and perfumes can damage the band of the watch. This weakens its strength and can potentially cause wear and tear. Ensure that any chemicals or perfumes are dry before wearing your watch.

A Safe Place for Your Watch

Finally, you need to be able to have a safe place to store your watch when not wearing it. There are two ways to ensure your watch stores safely. You can keep the watch in its original box or buy a watch roll box from a reliable vendor.