The key tools you need as a beginning gardener


Gardening is a great hobby for many people and even a source of income for some. It’s not something to do half-heartedly though – gardening requires a lot of commitment and patience to get successful results. So, naturally, as with most hobbies, if you want to get into gardening and start your own gardening, you will need some beginner equipment. Here’s some of the main equipment you should have to get started: 

A watering system

This comes first as the most obvious yet the most important thing for every gardener. You simply cannot sustain a garden without efficient watering tools. You can start with a only watering can, but it is always recommended to get a watering hose as well, especially for watering the grass. You should also consider a self-watering tool if you’re someone that travels a lot – you don’t want to come back from your holiday to a dried-out garden.

One useful piece of equipment that people often don’t think about is a water pressure pump. This is something that comes in very handy if you have a low water pressure in your house and you struggle getting sufficient amounts of water through your hose. This can be very irritating, as you will be spending a lot of time watering your garden, so a booster pump may be a good purchase to consider. 

A lawn mower

If you have a lawn of any size, it will be difficult to maintain it without a lawn mower. Whether your lawn is maintained will have a huge impact on how your garden looks as a whole. This is not the most enjoyable or fun part of gardening, but it is definitely one of the most essential. So, make sure you have a good lawn mower that will make your job easier. 

Good quality tools

To get started with your garden you will also need a number of basic tools. These include a trusty hand trowel, a cultivator for turning soil, pruning shears for cutting plants, a garden rake and a shovel. There is no end of gardening tools you can get for different purposes and needs, but the mentioned ones should be enough to get you started.

The number of tools you have, however, is not quite as important as their quality. These tools will have to last through some serious digging, so it’s vital that they don’t break after three days of use. A general recommendation is to start with less equipment, but really invest in quality ones. 

A wheelbarrow 

If you are starting with a larger project, consider getting a wheelbarrow. This will really help you with moving larger quantities of soil, compost and plants. You can get a plastic one to begin with, as they are a lot lighter, but a metal one will prove to be a lot more long-lasting. Not only will a wheelbarrow make gardening easier and more efficient, your back will also be grateful in the long-run. 

Self-protective equipment

This can easily be forgotten when getting more important and exciting tools for your garden, but keeping yourself protected while gardening is extremely important. Get yourself a good pair of gloves, so you don’t completely ruin your hands. Don’t forget to use suncream, as you will spend lots of time in the sun. Also, consider a kneeling pad, if you have knee problems. Image (Max. 20Mb)