The Many Benefits Of A Heated Towel Bathroom Radiator


While it is fairly easy to keep a home warm with traditional forms of electricity, bathrooms are a unique challenge. Oftentimes, it is difficult to adequately heat a bathroom in a safe manner because moisture can cause a short circuit.  Also, bathroom windows are opened on a regular basis for fresh air that eliminates odors and to dry off wet bathtubs. As a result, towels, bath mats and just about everything else in the bathroom can get quite cold. Thankfully, a solution has arrived in the form of a heated towel bathroom radiator.

When one says the word “radiator” his audience often thinks about those cold, outdated and ugly radiators of the past. The heated towel bathroom radiator is the opposite of this stereotype. Its beautiful design makes it the perfect fit for the modern bathroom. Not only does it look elegant, it provides an invaluable function. Think of all the times that you’ve taken a bath or shower and stepped out of the tub only to feel a terrible chill. That chilly air feels much colder than it actually is because you spent the last 10 minutes or so splashing around in hot water. A heated towel bathroom radiator solves this problem. It warms up your dry towels along with your bathroom so that you’ll have a towel that is nice and toasty for you to snuggle into after your shower.

You’ll Always Have A Dry Towel

Aside form warming up bathroom towels, the radiator also keeps them dry. That’s a very important function, especially during the winter months when we can’t open our windows for extended periods of time to get fresh air. We’ve all used slightly damp towels in the past because they didn’t have enough time or exposure to fresh air to thoroughly dry. A cold and damp towel is not the material that you want to wrap around your body after a long and soothing hot shower. It really puts a damper on the bathing experience. Your heated towel bathroom radiator will allow you to re-use the same towel over and over again. You won’t have to worry about whether it dried since you last used it. This is incredibly convenient and it will also save you plenty of money on all of the costs associated with doing laundry.

Heated Towel Bathroom Radiator

A Warmer Bathroom

It is also worth noting that heated towel bathroom radiators will provide a constant supply of heat that will keep your bathroom nice and warm, providing a comfortable greeting after a refreshing shower or bath. This is especially important during the cold months when everyone tries to keep the thermostat as low as possible to save money on heating bills.

AEL Heating

Don’t suffer through another depressing post-shower experience where you shiver and shake as your body reacts to the cold air. That’s the wrong way wrap up a relaxing shower or bath. Rely on AEL Heating to provide you with a state of the art heated towel bathroom radiator. We have a range of stylish bathroom radiators that will keep you, your towels and your bathroom warm throughout the year. You can choose from modern, designer, bespoke and traditional radiator styles. We typically offer customers the choice of three different heating options: Hot water, dual fuel and electric towel radiator. Our pricing is competitive and we can even alter heights and depths at a minimal cost so that your new radiator fits perfectly in your bathroom. Visit our website at to check out all the different types of heated towel bathroom radiators and reach out to us to schedule an installation.