The Most Amazing Trees in the World


Trees are our greatest reminder of the power and beauty of nature. They release oxygen for us to breath which makes them really important for us. The number of tree species in the world may not be specified, but for sure it is an enormous one. There are so many different types of trees, including the ones that can be found in most of the places, to the ones that can be only found in a specific area.

Today, we have prepared a photo collection of the most amazing trees in the world. We have included the world’s biggest tree, tallest tree, oldest tree and widest tree as well as some other amazing types of tree that the Nature offers to us. Scroll down to find out which are these trees. Enjoy and stay up to date with us for more useful content!


1. The Biggest Tree in the World – General Sherman

amazing trees


2. The Tallest Tree in the World – Hyperion Redwood – 115.61 m (379.3 ft)


3. The Oldest Tree in the World – Methuselah Tree – 4,000 to 5,000 years old


4. The Widest Tree in the World – Arbol del Tule – Mexico


5. Some Other Amazing Trees From Around The World