The most beautiful blue gemstones in jewellery


Blue is seen as the symbol of peace, purity and nobility. Along with the colour green, we are literally surrounded by it in nature – whether it’s in the sky, in rivers, seas or oceans. Throughout the evolution of human society, it has become the colour of innocence and trustworthiness. People also admire it in various stones and jewellery, in shades ranging from the very lightest and inconspicuous through to a deep dark blue. And what kinds of blue gemstones are there in jewellery? That’s exactly what we’ll take a closer look at in this article.

Royal deep blue sapphires

This is probably the first mental connection most of us make when talking about blue gemstones – a sapphire with a deep blue colour. Along with green emeralds and red rubies, this stone belongs to the “big three” of gemstones and is exceptionally hard and therefore also durable. It is associated with values such as truth, honesty and wisdom.

As a gift, it is suitable for instance for those celebrating their birthday in September. The famous sapphire engagement ring which used to belong to Princess Diana and is now worn by Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge has become an absolutely iconic piece of jewellery and many women around the world would love to have a similar one.

Delicate aquamarines

On the complete opposite end of the scale to sapphires in terms of darkness are pale blue aquamarines. Sometimes they even have slightly greenish undertones of colour in them. Aquamarines are often associated with the sea and were also very popular with the nobility in the Middle Ages because they were considered an antidote to poisons. They are also sometimes connected with being able to provide good health.

Aquamarine earrings suit blue-eyed women exceptionally well since they subtly enhance the colour of their eyes. A piece of jewellery with this light blue gemstone in it is also a great gift for anyone born in March.

Topazes in many varieties

Topazes tend to be associated with wealth and health. Their colour is caused by trace additions of various metals, defects in the crystal structure or inclusions. For these reasons, they are found in several shades of blue and different varieties are named after the different shades.

The sky blue topaz has a light blue colour which often resembles aquamarines. Swiss blue topaz has a much richer colour. And the darkest blue one is the London topaz which is also the most expensive of all the topazes.

Violet coloured tanzanite

Tanzania has the world’s only tanzanite deposits and it is also where the stone gets its name from. Tanzanite is blue-violet in colour, it is the stone of the month of December and it is sometimes thought to have the ability to facilitate communication. A necklace with tanzanite would make a perfect gift for a mother following the birth of her baby.

The extremely rare blue diamond

The colour blue is very rare in diamonds and it is caused by the addition of a small amount of boron in the gemstone. But on top of being rare, blue diamonds are also a high quality gemstone which is reflected in their price. Jewellery with blue diamonds will therefore meet all your needs in terms of being durable and resistant, not to mention unmissable. It is suitable to wear in everyday jewellery but at the same time it also looks special and elegant and will therefore make a great accessory even for special occasions.

And where can you find jewellery with blue gemstones?

There are of course many more semi-precious and precious blue stones, but the ones mentioned above are the most common gemstones in jewellery you can accessorise with. Some people also like to choose these stones because they apparently have anti-inflammatory and calming effects. Blue has a harmonious effect on people in lighter tones such as those which you’ll find in aquamarines for instance. The Czech KLENOTA jewellery studio which takes delight in hand crafting jewellery that has a real feel for the art of jewellery making is one such studio which uses blue gemstones in its collections.

Have you found your favourite blue gemstone?