The Most Popular Apps for Students


With the right mobile apps, students can make everyday academic tasks like writing a good essay more effective, and make the study process more streamlined. It is obvious that we turn to apps to benefit from modern technologies. From time management to tracking class notes, there is an app to help you. They can help you seek out references to topics or even assist you in picking up a new language. The following list of the most popular apps for students will help you spend more time studying and less searching for the best apps.


Lecture Capture Apps

With lecture capture apps, students do not need to buy expensive recording equipment to take detailed class notes. The most popular app in this category is SoundNote, which serves as both an audio recorder and a notepad. This means class lectures can be stored as both text and visuals, as well as audio.

The Office Lens app from Microsoft lets you take pictures of whiteboards and convert them to PDF or DOCX or PPTX file format. These stored whiteboard data may then be stored on OneNote and OneDrive. Also included in the list of lecture capture apps are Audio Memos Free and Notes Plus, both available for iOS devices.

Revision Apps

Revision apps are much in demand these days and could make revisions fun. If flashcards are a long-time your favorites, you will find the app StudyBlue to be irresistible. This app makes use of your course information to come up with card sets that let you revise the same information. Besides, it gives you the flexibility to create personalized flashcards and to test yourself.

 In this context, GoConqr is also worth to mention. It offers functionality to create mind maps, revision charts, notes, flashcards, and even quizzes. With the app, you can collaborate with your peers spread all across the globe. Another useful app is Exam Countdown made for the iOS platform, which, as the name suggests, tracks how many days are left for exams.

Exam Prep Apps

Preparing for exams like GMAT, MCAT, GRE, and LSAT to get admission to college are now more comfortable thanks to mobile apps. The app BenchPrep features social networking functionalities that let students prepare together and go through revision materials and notes and quizzes. The app is also useful in tracking your progress when preparing.

 Another app that deserves to be mentioned in this category is the TCY Exam Prep (Android). This app is meant for US and Indian business students and helps you prepare for GRE, MBA/CAT, GATE, and even bank exams.

Time Management Apps

If you are looking for time management apps that have laser-like precision, then 30/30 is an excellent choice. Not only does it allow you to note the exact time studying tasks are taking, but it lets you follow the same with breaks to ensure your mind remains free and receptive. The interface is clean, approachable, and can be customized immensely. An app is very helpful for learners and lets learners finish the most challenging tasks on time!

Technology is indeed helping students not only to study hard but smart as well. One thing we missed in this list are apps that let you pay someone to do your homework. Don’t worry, there are plenty of apps that offer academic assistance and make learning less stressful and challenging. 

All in all, student life has never been as fun as with the invention of mobile apps.