The Most Romantic Destinations for this Summer Part 1


If you were looking for a nice romantic place to visit this summer, then you are on the right place to find The Most Romantic Destinations for this summer. You and your loved one will definitely have a good time if you choose to visit some of the following destinations.

We bring to you the most exotic places which are always approved by couples, whether for a honeymoon, anniversary or any other romantic getaway. Breathtaking views, romantic suites with special dinners are just some of the things that these places offer to bring the romance in the air. Scroll down to find which are these places and choose where you and your loved one will spend an unforgettable romantic summer vacation. Enjoy and stay up to date with us to find the second part of our list of the most romantic destinations for this summer!

1. Venice, Italy

2. North Island, Seychelles

3. Bora Bora, French Polynesia

4. Dominican Republic Beaches

5. Hayman Island, Australia

6. The Maldives

7. Hawaii

8. Santorini, Greece

romantic destinations

9. Key West, Florida

10. Isla Verde, Puerto Rico

11. Lake Como, Italy

12. Boracay Beach, Philippines

13. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

14. Zuma Beach, California

15. Railay Beach, Krabi, Thailand

Krabi, Thailand