The most unusual traditions in the world


Everyone at least once in his lifetime experiences a cultural shock. It happens to the ones who travel a lot more often than to any other people. However, the difference in culture speaks a lot about the history, the beliefs and the quality of life in that very country. We can learn a lot about the nation by only observing their traditions and customs. Therefore, we’ve listed the most unusual ones that might surprise you.

In India you can not use a toalet paper

Most travellers get surprised when they are to use a bathroom in India and they see that there is no toilet paper. There is a small bucket of water by the toilet. They consider that by using a toilet paper you can easily clog the pipes, therefore make a problem.


In Indonesia you are not allowed to go to the toilet 3 days after the marriage

In Tidong, Indonesia the couple should not go to the toilet for three days after they get married. It is believed that if they do it, it will bring them bad luck in the marriage. They are observed by the closest family whether they will respect the rule or not. On the other hand they are given little ammount of food and drinks.


The Masais say hi to someone by spitting

Even though the spitting is considered as something rude in the most of the cultures worldwide, that’s how the Kenian tribe Masai show respect among each other. They would spitt on their hands right before shaking hands with someone. They even do it to the newly born babies, even to the brides. They consider it as a blessing.


Never give someone a yellow rose in Mexico

The roses are an excellent way to express your feelings for someone. This is the case in almost all the countries. However, the colour matters. You better never give someone a yellow rose in Mexico as it means you wish them death. The yellow flower symbolises the death.


In Germany you break the plates before the wedding 

Several weeks before the wedding the guests have to bring plates to the new couple’s house in order to break it later. Later the couple has to clean everything out. It is considered that this will bring them a good luck in the marriage, as well as it will motivate them both to give their best and invest equally once they move under the same roof.


In Denmark they throw cinnamon to the single people

It is an old tradition from the 16th century. If someone stays single untill he turnes 25, his friends would throw cinnamon on him. This tradition is because of the old Danish workers, especially the ones who were selling spices. They would have no time for marriage because they used to travel a lot for the sake of the business.


You better be late in Venezuela

Regardless of the type of meeting you have, whether it is a coffee meeting, business, date or party, the people tend to get a little bit late. Even when it comes to business, the people here want to make it more casual.