The most unusual yet effective diets


Losing weight can be boring and very hard, even time and money consuming. However, it can be fun as well. You can still keep on consuming your favorite ingredients and lose weight at the same time. The overweight is a problem to many places lately. Plenty of doctors and experts all around the world are constantly trying to find a quick solution for it. However, nothing works if you are not disciplined enough. The will is what moves you on and makes you keep on trying.


The result might come after some time, however you should definitely not give up after a few days. Once you start feeling and seeing the results, they will become bigger and more vivid with the time. Patience is the key. Do not think about it twice, start with you diet right now, with your next meal.


On the other hand, there are a lots of diets that include meals and ingredients you don’t consider very healthy. Moreover, the doctors used to advice to firstly stop consuming exactly that ones. Well, the following diets can give you both pleasure and the good flavor you always seeked in a food:

A dessert for a breakfast

You have sweet tooth? You love taking some sweet staff after your meal but you were advised not to do it anymore? Well, how about having such a thing for a breakfast? A resent research showed that the older people who would like to lose weight could perfectly use this trick. Their breakfast should be rich with carbohydrates, proteins and a desert. The final results show that the patients didn’t only lose thirteen kilos in four months but they kept on losing weight even after cutting the diet.

A beer and sausages

A person from Arizona loved the combination of beer and sausages too much that he decided he would eat nothing but this during thirty days. The final result was a loss of ten kilos. According to the experts, he would consume as much as 1.500 calories with a quality beer and sausages. They suggest it is very important to buy high quality products. Even though this diet is rich with proteins, there is a lack of plenty of other vitamins that the body needs.

A diet with bacteria

What if your tendency to gain weight depends on the bacteria in your stomach instead of the diet? An expert claims that instead of counting calories, proteins, carbohydrates and everything else, we should put the focus on the good and the bad bacteria. According to his research, the good bacteria decreases the appetite. In order to increase the number of good bacteria, add probiotic in your meal, or just consume a lot of yogurt.

Fast food diet

A person who has eaten only Subway sandwiches all year long, twice a day, has managed to lose a hundred kilos. His impressive and unbelievable loss of weight was published by Subway portal to serve as a inspiration for many. Yet another person from Virginia repeated the same not a long time ago. However, her diet lasted for two years. She managed to lose 34 kilos in that time.