The Natural Beauties of Bulgaria via Photos of Ivan Miladinov


Landscape photography is the most difficult genre, but it makes no difference if you are firmly determined to achieve the desired level. Тopdreamer represents the natural beauties of Bulgaria through several photos taken by Ivan Miladinov.

Ivan Miladinov is a landscape photographer and adventure traveler from Sofia – the capital of Bulgaria. For the past five years Ivan travels in searching for the prerfect moment and light which are  the two main components, needed for the perfect landscape image.  He says that photography is a big part of his life and that the more a person shoots, the more he gets involved in it. According to Ivan, it is hard to define what the perfect photo should look like and he described it as the photo that will make him feel like he is already there. The best time for taking pictures for Ivan is the bad weather, because then everything is much more dramatic, there is a dynamic atmosphere and the picture is mystical. And now check out some of his photos below to convince yourself of their beauty. We hope that Ivan will keep up with the good work in the future, so that we can have the chance to see more of his amazing photos.

Krushuna Falls

Devetashka Cave

Giant Waves in Western Dobrogea

North Djendem

Fotinska River

Balkan Woods

Ahtopol, The Black Sea

Dzhengal Lake

 Boyana Waterfall

Devil’s Bridge, River Arda

Мonastery Cherepish

The Golden Forest, Rodopi

The Gorge, Rodopi

Lake Muratovo, Pirin Mountain

The Old Mountain, Vratsa

Sofia at Night

Vitosha Mountain