The New Outfits You Must Know


The term and the concept of “new” is relative. This is not another cliché post for another cliché blog. No. So, by now, you are being introduced to a wave of trend that is currently in vogue, as the new ‘cool.’ The new fashion gold is the blend of old style with the new; this is what the girls are going for now. It is for women who want to strike a balance between the past and the present without losing out on elegance and their look of confidence. This new wave is what you should know; you can get an insight into what they look like by examining this line from Nili Lotan Collection.

The Return of Corduroy: 

Following its large benefits for the common man in the 90s, corduroy had its good time and name, with many people associating the material with resilience and durability. But it went MIA in the 2000s. At least, not as it used to be the decades before. Now, the fashion is back, making a new wave in the women’s collection. For instance, the Corduroy Celia pant is a corduroy pant, firm around the waist and free in other areas, having the bootcut shape. It blends well as professional wear with a jacket on a tuck-in fitted shirt. This is your typical professional wear if you have ever been fashion nostalgic and wished for a way to bring back times.

Ralphie sweater: 

Ralphie sweater is made of cotton, having a turtleneck, but freer on the body. It allows you to pull up the sleeves either for fashion or for comfort. The good thing is that the sweater can be tucked in over your favorite pants, whether body-fitted pencil pants or a pair of boyfriend jeans. In fact, you can wear it as an inner for an overall coat, with your cowboy boots. You have never seen anything more fantabulous.

Silk Paris Pants: 

As the name suggests, the pant is made of silk. The look and feel are modern. And there is no question to the elegance. The length, however, comes above your ankle, somewhere around where an ankle shoe would reach. The old’s cool feel is that the joining at the thighs comes low, giving room for free movement. If you are not comfortable with having a tight crotch, this might just be what you need.

Trench coats: 

Trench coats are back. The Alexander trench coat has the classic vintage feel and gives you a unique look. You won’t look totally out of place with your turtleneck vest and fitted jean pants. Nili Lotan Collection welcomes you to the new fashion world –old is the new cool.