The Nordic Skin Care Routine


Scandinavia is famous for its natural beauty, whether it’s the people or the land. Our neighbours to the north have not only mastered minimalist skin care, but the art of well living as well. This includes, but isn’t limited to, world class beauty products and tips and tricks that the rest of us don’t know but should. But we’re here to share the Nordic skin care routine with you. These tips are not only easy to implement, but won’t cost you an arm and a leg, and can be done completely on your own without the help of a professional.

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Maximise Hydration

Hydration is one of the key components to the Nordic skin care routine. The Nordic use steam to soften and clear the skin, and side benefits include soothing blocked sinuses and improving circulation in your face naturally. 

OGLF (Our Good Living Formula) suggests this can be done with facial steaming and devices specific to this purpose. This will not only make sure that you get the maximum benefits and get clearer pores and skin as a result, but you won’t have to waste time sitting with your face over a bowl of boiling water. And, you don’t have to take another shower to hydrate your skin, or in the case of the Scandinavians, pass through the sauna again.

The Nordic people also have to maintain their skin’s hydration level to prevent drying, cracking and premature aging in their harsh climate. This is why this advice is particularly useful for people who have to deal with harsh gusts of wind that can damage the skin on many levels.

One of the things you should do if you live in this kind of climate is form moisture barriers. You can also apply moisturiser immediately after taking a shower or facial steaming. This is why timing can dramatically improve the effectiveness of skin care regimens. For example, acne treatments are most effective if you apply it when your pores are open and circulation is at its peak. Furthermore, you should value beauty products that are water-based. They’ll naturally moisturise your skin while looking natural.

Sometimes we need to take extra steps to maximise our skin’s hydration. One solution is the hydration mask. Instead of applying a thick layer that you then have to wash off, apply a lighter layer that can stay on your skin overnight. Then the hydration will penetrate deeply into the skin. Consider storing the hydrating mask in the refrigerator before you use it. This will cause it to cool the skin when you apply it, reducing puffiness and toning the skin. Note that you can do the same thing with eye creams.

Use Minimal Makeup and as Little Skin Care Products as Possible

The Nordic skincare regimen relies on natural beauty. This means using a minimum amount of makeup. This helps you avoid an unnatural look after you’ve applied beauty products. For example, skip the foundation if you don’t really need it. Only apply enough makeup to highlight your natural features. However, you can amplify the effects by layering makeup with skincare products. Start with the serum, a lightweight product that rejuvenates the skin, followed by moisturiser and makeup. The oil or moisturiser will lock in hydration or make your skin glow, reducing the need for several other forms of makeup. Or you could prioritise skincare products that provide multiple benefits so you need as little as possible.

Nordic beauty products get extra points for having a fresh texture; this is due to their water-based formulas. A side benefit of this formulation is that more of the beneficial compounds in skincare products are absorbed into the body.

Apply Makeup Correctly

Don’t rub makeup or skincare products onto the skin. This can stretch the skin, actually hurting its elasticity and firmness over time. Instead, massage it in by gently pressing or tapping on the skin. This can stimulate blood flow and increase absorption of skin care products. Tapping is especially important around the eyes, since this will minimise puffiness. Pay attention to your skin, and don’t apply too much of any skincare product. Look for ways to increase the effectiveness of skincare creams, serums and face masks instead of using more of it. Or, find more effective beauty products.

Remember that Beauty Comes from the Inside Out

While you can apply many products to the outside of your body, nothing can compensate for a natural, healthy glow. One way to get this is to up your intake of vitamin C and to increase your intake of antioxidant rich foods. This will help you create an even-toned and healthy complexion, and it will help your body fight the free radicals that accelerate the aging of our skin. You could achieve this by aiming for a healthy, colourful diet. You could eat more fish with omega-rich oils as well as seeking out skincare products that contain them, though you’re free to do both.

Another factor to consider is your hydration level. We’ve already addressed external hydration via steaming, sessions in the sauna and moisturisers. However, your skin will become dry, cracked and prematurely aged if you are dehydrated. This is why drinking enough water is essential.

Keep Up with the Seasons

Your beauty regimen needs to keep up with the seasons. For example, you may need more moisturisers in the winter to protect your skin, while richer textures can lessen the appearance of winter’s harsh effects on your skin. Alternatively, you could switch to cleansing oil. In the summer, use lighter creams, since you’re probably sweating more. Don’t forget the sunscreen either.

Consider experimenting with different textures and formulas to find what works best for you as the year progresses. You might want to switch to serums and day creams with antioxidants to provide an extra layer of protection when the harsh, cold weather arrives. Or you may want to apply sheet masks at night and give your face an extra mist each day.

The Nordic way of life emphasises balance, performance, quality and sustainability. Their ideal of less is more even comes out in their beauty regimen and skincare products they use.