The only case the anger brings you benefits


Did you know that feeling anger can sometimes bring you benefits? Are you used to the phrases like “Let the anger go so you can feel better”? Well, that’s absolutely true. There is no better thing on Earth than feeling careless and free. However, as we live stressful lives, the society makes us being under pressure and anger constantly.

However, there are cases when feeling anger can make you actually feel better. It is the path towards the improvement and release. You might be confused because this news is unlike any other you read about on daily basis. Well, there is a fair explanation behind this statement.

When a problem arises, what we firstly do is worry about it. Most often than not we over analyze an re-think everything in details. What this situation brings is only additional problems, ones that weren’t there at first place. What follows is disappointment and the feeling of helplessness. Well, that’s the key of the whole story. When you feel disappointed about some problem you probably blame something on another person. However, what you should be very aware of is that no one does anything to you except you to yourself. It all begins in your head and thoughts first. The sooner you accept this, the easier you can deal with the challenges you face on daily basis.


If you constantly think some other person is responsible for your happiness, you will always depend on the other people’s actions. This means you have no control of your life. Now you suddenly have to wait for the other people’s movements, actions and words so you can see the final result.

The truth is, you and only are responsible for what’s going on in your life. There is always a way to change the things happening. The very first step would be to accept the things as they are and change the way you look at them instead. Have you ever heard the phrase “when you change the way you look at the things, the things you look at change”? This is the briefest message that hides an enormous wisdom.


What follows is that once you have accepted that everything is in your hands, you would have to start making small yet significant moves towards the solution. Now your job is to lift your vibration high. You have to be conscious that at the moment you feel helpless you are at the very bottom of the scale. By feeling angry you already make an improvement. The thing is that once you stop feeling helpless you are looking for solutions in order to solve the problem. The anger absolutely doesn’t give you long lasting positive effects. However, now you are at least some levels upper on the scale.

Even the revenge has a higher level than the helplessness. This doesn’t mean you should absolutely plot it. What’s good is that it makes you go up little by little, but surely towards your solution. Well, this is the only case where anger can giver you benefits. So the next time you catch yourself in anger you better feel thankful for this feeling. This means you are going up on the scale of vibrations and moods. So remember, feeling helpless is the absolute worst feeling you can experience. By feeling helpless you constantly confirm to yourself there is no solution out there, where the only solution lies in your vibration.