The Only X-Sense XS01-WR Smoke Alarm Review You Need


Ionization or photoelectric smoke alarms detect smoke typically to prevent any mishap. Ionization and photoelectric are the two types of smoke detectors. Photoelectric smoke alarms dominate ionization smoke alarms as they are much more sensitive to smoke. Some work on batteries or electricity. Smoke alarms that require 24X7 electricity to operate demand a lot of manual work. With the advancement of technology, electricity operated smoke alarms are replaced by battery-operated smoke alarms. To review X-sense XS01-WR smoke alarms, we evaluated its industry reports, performance, specifications, and compared it with other smoke alarms available in the market.

What makes X-sense XS01-WR smoke alarm Unique?

X-sense smoke detectors come with a special feature of interconnection. This feature is required in the huge apartments or in the house where people suffering from hearing aids are living. No matter how much the loud sound, a single smoke alarm makes people having hearing aid will not be notified. Also, a single smoke alarm will not make any difference if the smoke is coming from an insignificant place in the huge apartment. These are some of the reasons why people buy multiple smoke alarms.

Purchasing multiple smoke alarms will be ridiculous if they cannot operate at the same time. Operating at the same time suggests that if smoke is detected by any of the smoke alarms, all smoke detectors must generate an alarm at the same time. Generating an alarm at the same time will not only make the loudest sound but also give prior notification to everyone.

How to interconnect multiple X-sense XS01-WR Smoke Alarm?

It is the easiest thing to do in X-sense smoke alarms. Take two X-sense XS01-WR smoke alarms. Press the button present on the side of the alarm four times. After pressing it four times, a horn will beep, and the Red LED will turn on. This signifies that both the units are in pairing mode. Leave them for a few seconds to interconnect. Horn will beep for the second time, and Red LED will switch off, indicating that both the detectors are now interconnected. To interconnect the third unit, again press the same test button four times on the new unit. The same procedure will be followed. Horn will beep, and Red LED will turn on, symbolizing them to be in pairing mode. Second horn and turn off the Red LED betokens that all of them are now interconnected. To make X-sense XS01-WR smoke alarms even more unique, it allows us to interconnect up to 24 alarms.

Special features of X-sense XS01 -WR Smoke Alarm

X-Sense XS01-WR is a photoelectric smoke detector. Photoelectric smoke alarms show more response towards fires, whereas ionized smoke alarms are flaming fires detectors. X-sense XS01-WR smoke alarm comes in white color with a dimension of 3.0X3.0X1.9 inches. For any alarm, the ideal operating life is 5-7 years, but X-sense XS01-WR smoke alarm comes with an operating life of 10 years. The smoke detector comes with a lithium battery and a life of 5 years. The ideal ambient working temperature for X-sense XS01-WR smoke alarm to work is 45-100 F. 91 grams weight of the product makes it perfect for easy installation without occupying too much space. 85db is the loudest sound notification that X-sense smoke alarm gives when smoke is detected. The alarm lasts for 9 minutes.

X-sense XS01-WR comes with the main aim to prevent any misfortune. So, it must undergo examination and trial before coming into the market. The good news is that its high capability to detect smoke. X-sense XS01-WR smoke alarm is certified by TÜV and CE. This ensures the extreme liability and safety of the product.

Easy Installation of X-sense XS01-WR Smoke Alarm

X-sense XS01-WR smoke alarm comes with 2 screws, 1 mounting bracket, 2 anchor plugs for installation and 1 alarm unit, and 1 user manual. Make two holes in the ceiling at the next suitable place using a drills machine. Using 2 screws provided fit the basal plate of the alarm. Take the main unit and rotate it to fit in the basal plate. There will be three clips that need to be implemented. Once rotated, check if it is applied properly or not. If not, then take the alarm unit and rotate it out again, making sure of the clips.

How does X-sense XS01-WR Smoke Alarm work?

X-sense XS01-WR smoke detector is embedded with a high sense smoke sensor in a chamber. There are three divisions on the sides. Each division is further divided into a lot many partitions allowing maximum space for smoke to enter.

When smoke appears from any place, it goes up as it is hot. Slowly it will go straight into the smoke detector through the partitions. Smoke sensitive sensors present inside the chamber will detect the smoke and get triggered. If there is only one smoke alarm, it will make a sound of 85db, but if there are multiple smoke detectors and are interconnected, they all will get triggered at the same time. Both conditions will make sure to block any accident from happening.

Pros and Cons of X-sense XS01-WR Smoke Alarm

Every product has its pros and cons, so do X-sense XS01 -WR smoke alarms. X-sense XS010-WR smoke alarm has removed all the features that are not vital, making it even more, smaller and non-detectable. It has a special feature to interconnect up to 24 devices. It detects smoke based on the photoelectric effect. The photoelectric effect dominates ionization sensors in terms of environmental protection also. Ionization sensors are eventually more precarious to the environment. These are some of the pros of the X-sense XS01-WR smoke alarm.

The smoke alarm does not have US certification; also, it does not come with a CO detector, which can be considered some of its drawbacks. CO detectors are preferred by many because of its ability to detect carbon monoxide content in the atmosphere. Nevertheless, X-sense XS01-WR is still the best choice if you consider its pros.

Final Words

Considering all X-sense XS01-WR pros and cons, it can be said that it is wise to choose this product only if you are not even thinking about CO detectors. Not having US certification should not be the reason not to choose the smoke alarm because its other certified TÜV and CE hold equal importance.