The Perfect Camping Trip


For some people, the idea of camping sounds less than ideal. However, if you make sure you consider the following points, we are certain that you will have a fun time on your camping trip.


Equip yourself

Ensuring you have the bare minimum amount of equipment for a camping trip is, undoubtedly, a must. However, there are little luxuries, which can make your trip a much more comfortable one. Youngsters may be happy to sleep on the hard floor with only a thin mat and sleeping bag between them and the floor, but once you age a little, a soft bed is far more important. Consider either a camping bed to raise you off the floor or an inflatable mattress. The tent you choose is vital too. If you are taking the whole family, then ensure you have plenty of space. Don’t forget your tent pegs either! With all the basic equipment and potentially a barbecue on top of that, you need to think about how you will transport it all. A hitch cargo carrier could be the perfect solution: a great addition to a vehicle going on a camping trip.


Where you go on your camping trip is important. Consider if you’d like to be isolated in a field somewhere or in the middle of a forest. Both are great options, but ideal for different types of trips. A busy campsite full of families may mean that you face early mornings and there may well be a curfew at night too. This may work well for you if you have young children. However, for couples heading away or large groups of friends, an adult-only campsite may be a better option. Always do your research into what is provided at the campsite. Most will have shower blocks and toilets as a minimum. Some will allow for electric hook ups. If you have a need for more electricity than your car can cope with, consider a campsite with such a facility.  Have a think about the local amenities that you will need too. It’s great to find a site, which has everything you need, but if there is no local shop or restaurant for your evening meal, you may struggle especially if you are hoping to walk allowing you to relax with a few alcoholic drinks.

Pack wisely

Camping trips are notoriously chaotic. That is part of their charm though. However, in order to lessen the chance of things going wrong, packing wisely is important. Daytimes can be warm and temperatures drop considerably during the night. Because of this, it is vital to pack layers to allow you to stay warm. Furthermore, the weather itself can be changeable. Being stuck in a muddy field can provide lots of amusing tales, but if you don’t have a pair of boots, you might be on the receiving end of the laughs instead. Don’t forget to pack all necessary medication. Even if you have not used an inhaler for two years, the chances are, if it isn’t with you, you will need it. Emergency paracetamol and a well-stocked first aid kit are musts too.