The Perfect Wardrobe for Whatever the Weather Throws at You


We all know how volatile the weather can be. You’re expecting the summer months, and yet you’re getting freak rain storms, or even – shock, horror – snow. And then, when you’re anticipating a cold-spell, you get sudden heatwaves in October!

Worse of all, weather apps aren’t even reliable. Probably the only way you can get an accurate gauge of where the weather’s at and where it’s going in your neighborhood is with a home weather station, like those from WeatherStationAdvisor.

With all that mad oscillation from the weather, how’s a gal to get a good wardrobe? The key lies in a wardrobe of layers, that you can mix and swap depending on the season.

Still stuck? We’re going to show you how to get the perfect wardrobe, come rain or shine.

  • A Blazer

A blazer is a strong wardrobe ally if you live in an area with diverse climes. Oversized blazers, in various neutral tones and checks have been a strong look for a few seasons now, and we’re hoping this style isn’t going anywhere, because it’s just so handy.

When it’s a little chilly in early spring, you can sling this bad boy on over a dress to give a fresh, springy look, and keep warm. In winter, you can stuff your blazer under your winter coat and be nice and cozy both in and outdoors, all day.

  • A Pair of Leggings

A good pair of leggings has been at the top of the fashion packs list for years now, and they’re not going anywhere.

We love leggings because they do wonders for so many outfits. You can wear them with just a little top if you want to look like a lesser-known Kardashian, but that’s not the reason they are our fave. If that is the look you’re going for, please make sure you get a thick pair. Pasty skin poking through leggings is not a look.

We love leggings because on awkward spring and fall days, you can chuck them on under a lighter dress for a fresh trans-seasonal look. In winter, you can wear them under pretty skirts to keep you warm, while outside its blowing up a storm. These little multi-taskers are a wardrobe must!

  • A Breton  

A Breton top is a wonder item, that easily takes an outfit looking weak to one that looks chic.

We’ve never seen a striped top with a boatneck look bad on anyone – and that’s because, they are, miraculously, a top that’s universally flattering.  They always work on women, whatever their shape, and that’s just one reason among many we love them.

If you’re having an off-day at work, throwing on a Breton with a pair of trousers will mean you still look smart and sleek, while feeling as comfortable as you would if you were in a bog-standard t-shirt.

For winter, spring, fall and summer nights, these long sleeved, pure cotton tops will do you right, either as one item among layers or on their own.

  • A Good Floral Dress

Florals for Spring may not be ground-breaking, but they are a great option. Floral dresses put some bounce in your step as the world around you begins to bloom, and you can carry them through all year round.

A good floral dress will keep you cool in summer and inject some color into your outfit in the depths of winter, as you wear it with other layers.

  • A Pair of High-Waisted Trousers

Nothing says sophistication quite like a pair of well-fitting, high-waisted trousers. These wardrobe beauties work overtime to keep you looking good in any weather.

They’re a little wardrobe miracle that you can wear with a shirt at the office to let everyone know who’s really the boss, to wearing on date night with a pair of good shoes and a strappy top. You can wear a good pair of high-waisted trousers whatever the season, it’s just what you do with everything else that’ll make it work.

Go Ahead and Slay!

Adding these five items to your wardrobe will do wonders for keeping you classy 24/7, from January to December. These trans-seasonal beauties should make getting dressed each morning that little bit easier, as they lay a great basis for gorgeous outfits whatever the weather.