The Potential Pitfalls of a Renovation Project


When it comes to conducting a full-blown renovation project, the one thing that is a virtual certainty is that everything will not always go as planned. A project of this magnitude is a difficult undertaking in and of itself, and issues that occur may cause a number of delays, which can be extremely time-consuming, causing the entire project to fall behind.

One of the biggest potential pitfalls of a renovation project is the possibility of finding dangerous substances, such as asbestos or lead-based paint on the property.

Dealing with Unexpected Problems

The demolition phase sometimes brings some unexpected problems to the surface, such as issues with the structural integrity of the building, the plumbing, or the electrical wiring. Regardless of the issues that are uncovered, they must be successfully dealt with before the project can continue. Otherwise, these issues have the potential to undermine all of the work that you are currently doing.

A beautiful renovation that simply hides the issues does nothing but prolong the problem and cause you more money in the long run. As they say, “You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.” If the renovation seems like too much trouble for you, you can always move into a cute, tiny apartment and forget the whole thing!

Finding Dangerous Substances

While it is frustrating to find issues that have to be corrected before you can continue the renovation, there are times when you truly find something that represents a dangerous situation. For instance, you may discover that the building is older and has not been painted in quite some time. In that particular case, you may find yourself having to scrape off layer after layer of lead paint as your first step in the renovation project. The EPA recommends hiring a lead-safe certified contractor to remove damaged lead paint.

A bigger problem is the discovery of asbestos. This is a material that was commonly used as insulation, especially in older buildings. It has not been used for a number of years, since it was banned in 1976. However, if you find it throughout your renovation project, you are required by law to have it properly removed before continuing.

The Issues Surrounding Asbestos

Generally speaking, the issues that surround asbestos are related to the health of individuals who breathe it in. Long after it was used in almost every building, it was discovered that it could be extremely dangerous. Damaged asbestos has the capability of working its way into the lungs of individuals and it can cause a number of problems, ranging from a chronic cough to more extensive breathing problems, and even a disease called mesothelioma.

This is a deadly disease that destroys the lungs. As a result, many people with the disease have retained a lawyer and filed a lawsuit for asbestos contamination in order to get appropriate financial restitution for medical treatment and other expenses related to their illness.

It is always a good idea to do your research before you begin a project so that you can do your best to avoid pitfalls. You may be able to find out if the structure contains asbestos or lead paint before you begin, and plan accordingly. In the long run, this can save you a lot of time and money. Remember to follow the recommended safety measures at all times during the renovation if you believe you have asbestos or lead-based paint, as both of these materials can cause serious health concerns when breathed in.