The real meaning of your partner’s compliments


Every boy on this planet knows the importance of paying compliments to his girl. However, each compliment you hear on a daily basis might have another hidden meaning which is something you have to look deeper in the sentence. For you we have selected the most common ones and we reveal the real meaning of each of it.

“Your friends are cool”

Believe it or not, this phrase has totally different meaning than the one you hear at first place. This actually means he does not really enjoy your friends’ company. However, he makes an effort just for the sake of the love he feels for you and spends time with them. It means he cares more about how you feel and who you have chosen as your friends. He respects you therefore he respects your friends.

“Both dresses look nice on you”

This is how he plays on the safer side. In case you really like one of the dresses better but he, however, tells you the other one is nicer, you might get disappointed from his answer. That’s why he does this trick in order to save himself. Which, on the other hand, doesn’t mean he doesn’t like one of the dresses.


“This lipstick looks nice on you”

This means that he spent some time observing you and he really liked everything about you. However, he focused on the smallest detail. He also appreciates that you spent time getting ready and beautiful for him. This type of compliments is one of the best ones you can get from your man. This means he pays attention even to the smallest details and he loves everything about you.

“You look amazing today”

He really means it. This is one of the most sincere compliments you will receive from a man. When he says this, this means he really enjoys your beauty in every moment of the day. On the other hand, there is hidden meaning too behind this compliment. This means he is sexually attracted to you and he likes what he sees. That’s something you better appreciate when you hear it from your partner.


“I loved the food”

If he doesn’t tend to skip the meals at home this really means you cook very well. It means he enjoys your food indeed which is just another compliment for your effort.

“Your advice helped me a lot”

This means he was paying attention on everything you have said. He appreciates your support, dedication and will to help him. It also means that he believes in you, therefore he applied your advice in order to see good results. No doubts, this is the best compliment you will ever get from your man. This means that even in the hardest times he always remembers your words therefore he knows who’s always there for him.

Practice paying more compliments. It makes the relationship last longer and become better and better each day. It increases the need of love and empathy. Just don’t forget to be honest when you do it.